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No vote on garage til citizens have their say
On Monday (Nov. 5), the Saratoga Springs City Council will vote on a resolution to encourage the City Center to spend $250,000 to develop detailed engineering drawings for a new parking structure on the city-owned High Rock parking lot parcel.
Sustainable Saratoga believes the community should be included in making decisions about this important piece of property before any commitments are made.
The major feature of the new conceptual plan for developing the High Rock parcel, referred to in the plan as Flat Rock Center, is a parking garage with 754 spaces, nearly 300 spaces more than the earlier City Center proposal.
A small committee, meeting behind closed doors, created the plan and presented it to the City Council on July 17 — in the middle of the summer when few people pay attention to government business. 
The council has not solicited public comments or held any hearings.
Sustainable Saratoga does not object to the City Center building parking for its own use. What we oppose is the lack of a public process to comprehensively plan for the entire parcel.
The new plan clearly improves upon the previous City Center garage proposal, but many questions remain. Could the proposal be modified to better address zoning requirements for vibrant mixed uses in the urban core?
Why has a multi-modal transportation center been rejected? Why spend millions on the city’s largest parking garage before implementing a comprehensive parking management plan? What are the funding details? You may have questions of your own.
This is a very important piece of public land in the downtown area, and decisions about its development should not be rushed. 
The City Council should postpone the Nov. 5 vote and take the time to undertake a more careful and complete planning process that encourages public participation. 
Art Holmberg
Saratoga Springs
The writer is the Chairman of Sustainable Saratoga.
Troop movement for caravan is overkill
Those 15,000 trained military troops are Kent State, on steroids.
Lisa Nargis
For safety, hike with experienced hikers
The Gazette’s editorial on the rigors of late fall and winter hiking was on target, as is the advice on equipment and preparations.
However, the editorial omitted one of the best ways to be safe on the trail: Go with experienced people.
The Albany, Glens Falls‑Saratoga and Schenectady chapters of the Adirondack Mountain Club have active schedules of hikes in the Adirondack High Peaks, as well as in other locations. These trips have experienced leaders who are familiar with the trails, expected conditions, required gear, and needed conditioning.
Our outings provide great opportunities to get on the trails with the people who know the trails.
Check out the calendars from the Adirondack Mountain Club ( or on each chapter’s website.
Wayne Richter
Outings Chair, ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter
Virginia Boyle Traver
Outings Chair, ADK Albany Chapter
Roy Keats
Outings Chair, ADK Schenectady Chapter
FYI: Jesus would be an illegal immigrant
If the Holy Bible is not a work of fiction, Jesus was not born in or walked on this land we call the United States.
If he should cross over our border, in human form, he would be an illegal immigrant.
Those that believe all this baloney about immigrants would not offer him food if hungry, water if thirsty or shelter if weary. Trump supporters would demand he be locked up, as though he has not suffered enough at the hands of mankind. Then they would yell to the world what great Christians they were.
Joseph Gibson
Ballston Lake
Kids helped raise money for veterans
Kudos to a group of great kids I had the pleasure of working with, the Girl Scouts and CYA students on Oct. 26.
I have been collecting for our Wounded Warriors at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for many years.
These students stood out in the cold for hours collecting money for our Wounded Warriors at the medical center.
I can’t say enough good things about these students except kudos to a great group of kids.
Marcia Carlson

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