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Want immigrants? Take them yourself
This is to all you bleeding heart liberals who want to open our borders to anyone who wants to come in and give them “everything” free, including free education, special job training, food, housing and free health care for life for every imaginable ailment or disease they bring with them.
All I can say to you is take them all and put them up in your home and support them yourselves.
Make them part of your family. That’s right, if you want them, you support them. You pay all their medical expenses, etc.
Just don’t expect my hard-earned tax dollars to do the job for you. You want them here, you take care of them.
I’m an 83-year-old U.S. Marine Corps Korean War veteran, and I worked hard all my blue-collared life and wasn’t able to give my children all the free stuff you want to give to these people who have no legal right to be here.
Yes, I do feel for their plight. But neither I, nor my family, caused it. Let them fight the oppression in their country like our forefathers fought it in ours.
Neil Nusbaum

Focus on all churches to protect victims
This letter in no way excuses Catholic priests who sexually assault children. As a Catholic, I’m ashamed of these men and they should be held accountable and jailed. I’m glad Pope Francis is rooting out these clergy and telling bishops they’re responsible for this behavior.
As a person who has worked with neglected and abused children, I get sick when I hear of this abuse. Hopefully, offenders will be brought to justice, as the pain felt by the abused will always be with them.
It’s unfortunate, the same type of abuse happens in the Protestant churches, of which there are thousands of independent congregations. Why don’t we hear about the vast majority of abuse cases with Protestant clergy? The answer is simple: “They are not reported to authorities.” A simple search on the internet, such as “Protestant clergy sex abuse,” will bring up several studies done by “The Christian Century”, “The Guardian” and insurance companies that insure many of these churches.
The following appeared in The Guardian with regard to the Methodist Church in Britain: “The Methodist Church has formally apologized for 1,885 cases of abuse over the past 60 years. Despite media references to historical abuse, some of the cases are very recent.”  One can only wonder how many cases in this one church have occurred in the United States. We can only pray for those abused and hope abusers of any church, as well as those outside churches, are brought to swift justice.
Gary Philip Guido

Get the facts straight about Trump’s record
There are so many lies and errors in Bruce Atkins’ Nov. 8 letter, I’m going to just write the facts.
There was a huge increase in gun ownership during Obama’s regime. He took way too many rights away, and right from the start his policies didn’t help the United States; they hurt us. First he lied to get Obamacare passed. He knew what he was saying was a lie. I’m still waiting for my premiums to go down. Did yours go down? He let guns go to Mexico; it cost an American his life.
Who cares if people at Trump rallies chant “Lock her up?” In a just system, she would have been tried and convicted. It’s anitifa and Black Lives Matter rallies that are lawless and cause damage.
The dirtbag that shot up the synagogue hated Trump. Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem where it belongs. His son-in-law is Jewish. It was Obama that made Netanyahu go out the back door of the White House.
Obama sent $1.7 billion to Iran, the largest exporter of terrorism in the world and the country that has sworn the death of Israel.
Trump is not anti-immigrant; he’s anti illegal immigrant. Under Trump, the unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics is at record lows. Trump has done more for these communities in two years than Obama did in eight. Obama did nothing for these communities other than take them for granted and stoke racial divide. Change the channel or stop with your lies.
Dave Edwards

Don’t be selective over illegal activity
I read with interest and yes, some amusement The Gazette article about the Nobody is Above the Law Rally in Saratoga Springs. In reading this, one has to wonder where the outrage was when Hillary Clinton was cleared by the FBI’s James Comey of wrongdoing in the cavalier use of a private email server located in her residence. First off, the role of the FBI is to investigate possible crime, not determine the penalty for any wrongdoing.
Also, of the emails found on her server, 65 were classified as Secret and 20 were classified as Top Secret. The fact that she excused this by saying they were misclassified emails carries no bearing on how she should have handled these communications.
Also one has to wonder why were her underlings given immunity for prosecution when this has been shown to probably not being necessary.
As a veteran who during most of my military career carried a “Secret” clearance, I can assure you that anyone else but the Clintons would have probably ended up in confinement for her transgressions. In closing, I would just like to say I love how the left and yes, at times the right, selectively choose what to be outraged about, regardless of the facts.
Thomas McGarry

Help from stranger gives couple hope
We need to thank a young woman who helped us Friday afternoon at the Eastern Parkway Price Chopper. My 90-year-old husband was getting visibly tired as we were leaving the store behind a constantly-locking shopping cart. She came over, offered him one arm, and with the other picked up our groceries and brought both to the car.
Hope, thank you. Your kindness helps us believe in the faith and charity that match your name.
Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Siegel

Joseph, Mary were following the law
A letter appeared in the Gazette asking, would Mary & Joseph be welcome in America? The reference is to immigration.
Mary and Joseph were obeying Roman law when they traveled to Bethlehem for a census. Illegal aliens pouring across our borders are breaking our laws as they step across the border. Mary and Joseph were rendering to Rome what was entitled, compliance with the law. Jesus did state render to Caesar. As for the law serving man or visa versa, he who prints the newspapers gets to make that call. Not God. As for rendering to God; that is subjective.
The law, cold and impartial as it should be, gives society structure that protects. Illegal immigrations breeds disease, anarchy, exploitation and revolution. Legal immigration is a beautiful thing. As a first-generation American, I’m forever thankful.
The Nov. 6 headline in The Gazette, “Trump closes campaign built on fear, division” is why I want to drop our subscription to The Gazette. My wife wants to continue to receive the paper for Sunday ads. This headline may push her in my direction. One can only hope. I believe The Gazette is now a charter member of the ‘fake news’ club.
Edmond Day

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