Comedian Breuer wants to make you laugh and keeps it clean

'I don't do politics ... and I don't go the filthy route'
Comedian Jim Breuer performs at the Paramount on Oct. 13, 2018, in Huntington, N.Y.
Comedian Jim Breuer performs at the Paramount on Oct. 13, 2018, in Huntington, N.Y.

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Jim Breuer isn’t getting up on stage to remind you of what’s going on outside. He’s there to make you laugh with an act that’s somewhere between dirty and Disney, and he’s heading to The Egg to do just that on Friday night.

“Going to perform at The Egg. … They don’t even know what’s going to hit them,” Breuer said. 

He joined “Saturday Night Live” in 1995 and starred alongside Dave Chappelle in the movie comedy “Half Baked” in 1998. Some of his specials, like “Let’s Clear The Air” and “And Laughter For All,” remain popular with comedy fans. 

But, lately, he’s busy touring with Metallica. Breuer befriended the band members over 20 years ago, so it was no surprise that when Metallica decided to bring comedy into their tour, Breuer was the one they turned to. 

“Our families grew up together, which is kinda cool,” Breuer said, “They know I’m a diehard fan.” 

He goes out before the show and does a sketch — and a song or two — but it’s not what people expect at a heavy metal concert. Breuer acts as host, bringing longtime fans together with audience interviews and Metallica-themed games. 

“Every night is different,” Breuer said. 

It makes preparing for his solo tours and performances seem like a cakewalk. His shows usually start with a bit of improv, followed up with a sketch about some of his favorite topics, either something about his family or with the way our culture has changed.

While he’s not afraid to tackle a variety of topics, there are a few places Bruer said he just won’t go. 

“I don’t touch politics. I don’t believe in dividing my audience,” Breuer said, “Life is too short.”

“I don’t go the filthy route and I don’t curse. I have nothing against that; I curse like a truck driver at home and I say very politically incorrect things in my house,” Breuer said, “I just feel that people really appreciate when I take the time to find something a little more clever or paint the picture rather than say it.”

For Breuer, the comedic sweet spot is toeing the line — when people think he swore during the performance, without him actually swearing. A favorite topic with audiences is how many terms have changed in what Breuer calls the PC world. However, the comedian said he doesn’t focus on it in an offensive way.

“If you’re offended at my show . . . there’s no help for you. I don’t want you there,” Bruer said, “You’re taking life way too seriously. We’re all on borrowed time. Let’s not forget that.”

Wife is an inspiration

It’s a subject that he sometimes talks about with his wife, Dee, on his podcast. She’s been battling cancer on and off for the past few years.

“She’s been a tremendous inspiration behind the scenes for me and an inspiration for females that chose not to go in the workforce and [raise children] are often looked down upon. Through the times, people will look at her and go, ‘Whoa, that woman has stage four cancer and she’s a ticking time bomb?’” Bruer said. 

He describes his wife as vibrant, even on her bad days. Her infectious energy has spread far and wide. 

“Everywhere I go, people give me gifts to give to her,” Breuer said, “I go on the Metallica tour and the amazing thing is there’s this group that went to almost every show on the tour.”

During every stop on the tour, people from the group would come up to him and tell him that they listened to Dee on the podcast and wanted to give her gifts.

It’s something he covers in his latest series, “Life on Tour,” which follows him on tour. In one of the upcoming episodes, Breuer is seen with Metallica. “Life on Tour” can be accessed through Breuer’s website.

“Even though you see me on stage in front of 15,000 people and we’re having a great time, what you didn’t see is that I was with my wife that day in the hospital. She was getting treatment. We were there and we laughing and we were talking about life. … From there, we’re at Metallica. It’s real life behind the scenes of all the touring,” Breuer said. 

While Breuer might talk about life on tour and he will in all likelihood talk about his family in his show at The Egg, he’s mostly going to focus on whatever keeps reality at bay for the audience. 

“My job, my God-given gift, is to make you forget for an hour and 15 or an hour and a half of your life everything that’s going on around you,” Breuer said. 

Jim Breuer 

WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday

WHERE: The Egg, Empire State Plaza, Albany

TICKETS: $29.50-39.50


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