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Immigrants won’t like it here anyway
In my opinion, any immigrants or refugees who come to the United States will eventually regret it. There are no jobs; computers took our jobs. Everyone buys everything online now. The average one-bedroom apartment is almost $1,000 a month. We have mass shootings in schools, concert halls, churches, malls, movie theaters and on the streets. They will end up homeless here, living in a tent. They would be safer in the country where they came from. And if we go to their country, they might not trust anyone from the United States. 
Concetta Cannizzaro
Democrats have no respect for law, vets
Aren’t you ashamed that you voted for Cuomo? He wants to give criminals college educations and the right to vote, and he also believes in abortions.
Aren’t you ashamed that Congressman Paul Tonko was voted in? Don’t you people have respect for us veterans who gave our health and some gave our lives? He doesn’t. He respects illegal Dreamers and will meet with them and help them. Those are his words. Aren’t you ashamed that you voted for Margaret Walsh for Supreme Court judge when she was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident. 
This shows you Democratic liberals have no respect for veterans and for right or wrong.
Vincent Belardo
Paper ignored Nisky female athletes
I was more than a little disappointed with Jim Schiltz’s Nov. 15 article “Nisky lacrosse bond is strong.” While it was noted that 12 of the 17 honorees will be playing collegiate lacrosse, sadly, what was omitted was the fact that six of them were females. There wasn’t a single mention of any female athlete; let alone the six young women playing collegiate lacrosse.
In this age of growing feminism and empowerment, as well as participation of females in athletics, Mr. Schiltz’s omission is another glaring example of what can only be called “chauvinism.” 
The female lacrosse players have played just as long, have participated in the youth program just as long, and have the same bond and affection for one another as the men mentioned in the article. The girls’ program has an equal number of sectional titles over the last four years as the boys, and those young ladies on stage are the reason why.
While their efforts, dedication and commitment are just as equal, it was disappointing that The Daily Gazette’s coverage of their achievement was not.
Jason Bach
The writer is the Niskayuna women’s lacrosse coach.
America needs more common sense
Carl Lamalfa wrote on Nov. 3 that guns are necessary tools for survival in the real world. This is because evil is a reality and we must be prepared to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Those who have served in law enforcement, like Lamalfa, and have witnessed the evil deeds of political tyrants, criminals and sometimes ordinary people who become unhinged, understand this. Under these circumstances, law enforcement and sometimes legally armed citizens must use deadly force.
Common sense in the service of a common good is no longer something most Americans can agree upon. The common good has been lost in the huge divide that separates those who can see the world as it exists — the good, the evil, the ugly and the beautiful — and those who would use an ideological paint brush to turn a blind eye to realities they find too disturbing and frightening.
We should remember that life is precious only because there is death. For every positive, there is a negative, that a heaven portends a hell, love and hate are two faces on the same head, and where there is good, there is also evil.
In times past, liberals and conservatives were joined by an attractive opposition. They were able to come together to negotiate their differences. Today, liberals and conservatives are antagonistic and can no longer work together. In times past, there was such a thing as common sense. Those days are gone. America is a house divided against itself.
George Hughes
Burnt Hills
Socialism has a long history of failures
At Thanksgiving, we’re reminded of the Pilgrims who, historically, were one of the first failures of socialism. Their early settlement was essentially a socialist commune. This system quickly led to discontent, as colonists who worked in the fields all day began to resent the colonists who claimed to be ill, frustrated that they received the same amount of food and supplies as those who performed zero labor.
After about two years of famine, the Pilgrims finally chose to abandon the socialist system. The new system required families to take care of themselves and made the settlers personally responsible for their own means of survival. This led to the entire colony becoming more prosperous. The settlers in the Jamestown colony went through a similar experience and passed a rule: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Their experiences serve to prove that the only cure for this social collapse is the free market. The only way for any society to prosper as a whole is through personal responsibility, not through promises of equal outcomes.
Today, Venezuela, once a wealthy country, is crumbling under a socialist regime. This shows the grim reality of living in a socialist paradise. Venezuela should learn a lesson from the Pilgrims and return to a free-market system. And the people of the United States should learn to stop voting for Democrats, most of whom are working feverishly to establish a socialist system here in this country.
James Homan
Dems don’t want what’s best for U.S.
Donald Trump, rich white guy, built a empire on his  inheritance. Barack Obama, poor black guy, came from nothing. Both were elected president with opposing views. So what’s your problem, people? The stock market is too high, gas prices are too low, and there are too many help-wanted signs in your neighborhood.
 What’s at play here is Donald Trump is a renegade businessman who loves our country and poses a threat to the very existence of the good-ol’-boy establishment of both parties. 
The organized hate machine that has taken over our nation is not unlike the brown shirts of Germany. 
Just moments after the Democrats gained control of the House, all we heard was giddy, gonna impeach Trump and Kavanaugh – git-em, kill-em. There was not one word about how were going to work together to do the work of the people. These people are unable and unwilling to put their selfish interests aside for the good of our nation. 
On Veterans Day, my church honored two Marines, survivors of Iwo Jima, and all veterans in attendance, as did this paper and the real America that preaches and practices love of country (patriotism).  While the Democrats plotted how best to destroy what our vets fought and died for, they, some foreign leaders, an Albany NPR radio station and most syndicated newspapers were acting just like the little boy who peed on the electric fence because he didn’t like fences. Wow, what a country. 
Jack Osterlitz

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