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Favoritism shown over signs in Nisky
In the town of Niskayuna, here are four signs on Balltown Road between Union Street and Van Antwerp Road that, at first glance, resemble political election signs.
Upon closer examination, it’s clear that this is not the case.
The blue and white signs, property of the Awake Church, state “Elect Jesus as Savior.” I have emailed our Niskayuna town supervisor to call this to her attention, with no response.
I find this especially disturbing because when I personally put up signs along the roads in Niskayuna stating, “We wish our Muslim neighbors Ramadan Mubarak” on behalf of the New York State Council of Churches,
I received a call from our local town office informing me that they needed to be removed immediately.
Interesting indeed.
Barbara Dworkin

Grateful for help at Nov.21 vehicle crash
We would like to thank the witnesses that called out for help, as well as the Berkshire volunteer fire company, Johnstown ambulance, Fulton County sheriff’s office and Smitty’s Towing, who responded to aid at a motor vehicle rollover on Nov. 21 on County Highway 107. We are very grateful to all who were involved and responded.
Susan Alexander and family
Fort Johnson

Bishop is following teachings on LGBTQ
With reference to Michael Bishop’s Nov. 16 letter pertaining to Bishop William Love’s stand prohibiting gay marriage in the Episcopal churches in his Diocese: Mr. Bishop feels that Bishop Love is following a script. Indeed, he is. The script for a Christian is the ultimate authority, the Holy Bible, in which God’s design for marriage as between a man and a woman is clearly outlined in the book of Genesis, the words of Jesus Christ and the writings of the Apostle Paul.
Bishop Love has a God/eternity centered view, not a world/man view. In today’s culture Bishop Love is showing much strength and courage in his stand against church-sanctioned gay marriage. It has to be taking a toll on him. We should be praying for him and for each other as well.
Emily O’Grady

Wrong placement of GE deficit article
Your article about General Electric and their $15 billion deficit was the lead story in the Nov. 29 Daily Gazette Business Section. Shouldn’t it have been in the Obituaries?
Ken Bress

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