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Steady stream of shoppers hits stores, checks items off their gift lists

Visiting with Santa was another attraction for families
Evelyn Zou, 16, of Clifton Park considers socks for a Secret Santa gift while shopping at ta-da! at Clifton Park Center Sunday.
Evelyn Zou, 16, of Clifton Park considers socks for a Secret Santa gift while shopping at ta-da! at Clifton Park Center Sunday.

Shoppers didn’t let the cold and rainy weather on Sunday deter them from hitting the mall to shop for gifts with Christmas a little more than a week away.

Various department stores at the Clifton Park Center mall touted big sales up to 50 percent off in their windows on Christmas merchandise and other gift items.

Holiday music could be heard inside and outside the shopping center as cars filled the parking lot of the strip mall. Some shoppers lugged large bags from the mall, to nearby cafes and coffee shops, and finally to their vehicles.

Most stores, including Marshalls were unable to officially comment on customer traffic and sales over the weekend, but some employees noted that the busy days for shopping had been Friday and Saturday.

Still, Marshalls and Boscov’s both had lots of registers open on Sunday, and lines were often long. 

While shoppers wandered back and forth through the stores as they made up their minds about what gifts they wanted to buy, stores were making a final push to move their Christmas merchandise. 

The ta-da! gift store in the Clifton Park Center mall carries an array of items from socks to books to stuffed animals.

Evelyn Zou,16, was in the store on Sunday afternoon looking through the extensive sock display.

“I’m looking for a Secret Santa gift,” she said, and ultimately settled on a pair of green socks bearing a red panda climbing on vines.

Vicki Monahan was also in the store looking through knickknacks. After browsing, she decided on buying two customized boxes of gum from a display of packs that all had unique pictures and quotes on the outside of the boxes.

Monahan was at ta-da! at the prompting of a friend.

“I just had a birthday and my friend got me one of these,” she said, gesturing to the customized boxes of gum. “I loved it so much and she told me that ta-da! had them, so I had to come. I’m getting one for my daughter and one for my son.”

Shopping wasn’t the only attraction that brought people to the mall on Sunday, though. Parents also brought their children to snag some last- minute photos with Santa Claus, who was stationed at the mall all afternoon.

Emily Meehan, 5, of Ballston Lake waited to visit Santa on Sunday. While her younger brother, Collin, 3, was hesitant to approach Santa, Emily eagerly expressed her wishes to him and helped her brother do the same.

Prior to her photo shoot with Santa, she also had a manicure done, and came out of the salon with her nails covered in holiday designs.

“Bye Santa!” she called over her shoulder, waving as she left the mall with her parents after her visit.

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