It’s Glenville, not ‘Glenfield’: DOT admits sign mistake

Mistaken sign generated social media wisecracks
The sign misidentifying Glenville as ‘Glenfield’
The sign misidentifying Glenville as ‘Glenfield’

GLENVILLE — When the state Department of Transportation put up a new municipal identification sign on Route 5 at the Schenectady-Montgomery counties line on Thursday, it missed the mark by 120 miles.

The sign, facing eastbound traffic, said “Town of Glenfield.”

There is no such town in New York, though there is a hamlet by that name on the Black River in Lewis County.

“Come on, DOT! Really!??” Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle posted on Facebook Saturday afternoon, after being inundated with social media comments and wisecracks from residents.

Doubt the power of social media?

On Sunday morning, Koetzle said he got a call on his cellphone from DOT Deputy Commissioner Sam Zhou acknowledging the mistake. Soon after, the sign was gone, though it was not clear as of Monday when or if a correct sign would replace it.

“They responded immediately. I felt badly,” Koetzle said on Monday. “I think the story is the unbelievable service we got from them on a Sunday morning.”

“NYSDOT immediately removed the sign once we became aware of the error, and a new sign will be installed shortly,” said DOT spokesman Bryan Viggiani. “We have spoken directly to Town Supervisor Koetzle, who appreciated our responsiveness.”

Koetzle said town officials weren’t really upset so much as having fun with the erroneous sign, which was attached to the bottom of a sign letting drivers know they are entering the much-more-difficult-to-spell “Schenectady County.”

Koetzle noted the town works hard to promote its identity.

“This might have bruised a little hometown pride,” he said.

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