Letter: Why steal Christmas lights from a grave?

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My mother always enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights and decorations on people’s houses. She passed away years ago. But this year we had renewed interest in cemetery decorations and had an idea. 

We bought a string of about 40 colored lights that came with a little battery pack and a timer, 6 hours on and 18 hours off. It was meant for indoor use, so we put it in a mason jar and tightly closed the lid. Then we added a little chain and a big red bow. We hung it from a garden plant hanger like a shepherd’s crook, a sturdy one that you have to stomp on to drive it into the ground. It looked great, like a colorful lantern. So we installed it at her grave.

A few days later, we stopped by to look at it and it was gone, pole and all. There were hundreds of other decorations stuck in the ground throughout the cemetery, but ours was gone. 

We contacted the parish thinking it might have removed it for some reason, and it turns out they don’t like glass because of the lawn mowing. But the mower is put away and the caretakers did not remove it.

Who would do such a thing? How confused must someone’s thinking be to commit the soulless act of stealing from someone’s grave site to decorate your own home for Christmas?

Whoever took it, you’re a mean one.
Paul Donahue

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