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Mild Friday giving way to winter weather

A little snow could fall Sunday evening into Monday on Christmas Eve
Foggy and rainy afternoon as people walk through Congress Park in Saratoga Springs on Friday.
Foggy and rainy afternoon as people walk through Congress Park in Saratoga Springs on Friday.

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Temperatures reached a record high of 62 degrees during a rainy Friday afternoon at Albany International Airport, according to the National Weather Service.

This beats out the record set in 1957, when temperatures reached a high of 59 degrees, according to meteorologist Christina Speciale. It recalls the record high temperatures of Christmas Eve in 2015, where temperatures were as high as 71 degrees.

Heavy rains brought about a flood watch for the region, but Speciale said there was no reported flooding.

Temperatures are expected to drop to typical winter weather during the day Saturday.

Speciale said temperatures are expected to reach 47 degrees in the morning. But that number will drop throughout the day into the evening, reaching the mid-20s by Saturday night.

In addition, winds reaching 17 to 22 miles per hours, with potential wind gusts ranging between 30 to 35 miles per hour, are expected, Speciale said.

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to hit the 30s and 40s in different parts of the Capital Region, Speciale said. The sun is expected to make an appearance, according to Speciale.

“It will be a really nice day compared to Saturday,” Speciale said.

Some lake effect snow is expected later in the evening on Sunday, Speciale said. But she said it will mainly be for the Mohawk Valley region. The snow could continue into the night on Christmas Eve. Temperatures are expected to stay in the low- to mid-30s during the day, and drop down to 20 or below during the evening.

It is unclear how much snow will accumulate, Special said.

There is no snow forecasted to fall on Christmas Day, Speciale said, with temperatures expected to stay in the low 30s and upper 20s. There may even be some sun, she said.

However, this doesn’t completely rule out a white Christmas.

“The technical definition of a ‘white Christmas’ is one inch of snow on the ground by 7 a.m. Christmas morning,” Speciale said, adding that it could be snow that fell previously but stuck around. “You don’t need to have falling snow to meet the meteorological definition of a ‘white Christmas.’”

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