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Edison Club in Rexford returns with updated residential plan

Permission for condos sought
The Edison Golf Club on Riverview Road in Rexford is pictured.
The Edison Golf Club on Riverview Road in Rexford is pictured.

REXFORD — The Edison Golf Club has proposed an amended plan to Clifton Park officials as it seeks clearance to build condominiums, duplexes and single-family homes on a portion of the club’s property.

The latest plan, submitted to the town Planning Department this month, would reduce the 27-hole course to 18 holes, making room for an 18,000-square-foot clubhouse and residential housing. The club’s property comprises 287 acres.

The updated plans call for construction of 136 condos, 17 duplex buildings and 45 single-family homes. 

The single-family homes would be built on 10,000-square-foot and 15,000-square-foot lots.

According to plans, the duplexes would be built on lots with a minimum area of 15,000 square feet.

The existing clubhouse would be turned into a 60-bed senior care facility. According to project documents, an outside developer, SunKar LLC, would purchase and renovate the clubhouse into the senior care facility.

Twenty rooms would be in a secure memory unit, and 30 would be assisted-living rooms. The facility would also offer daycare and 24-hour care for residents. An estimated 30 full-time jobs would be created by the senior care facility.

One acre of the club’s parcel would be sold to the neighboring Stewart’s Shops.

Edison Club General Manager Craig McLean in April said that Stewart’s would use the additional acre to renovate or move its current store at the intersection of Route 146 and Riverview Road. The sale to Stewart’s would also provide the club with funds for project design and application costs, McLean said.

In a letter to the town, Stewart’s said the additional acre would allow it to construct a new building with an improved gas station and a car wash.

Two access points to the club on Riverview Road would also be created under the plan, as would one from Route 146. A portion of the club’s parking lot, visible from Riverview Road, would be turned into green space.

The addition of homes would turn the Edison Club into what is known in the country club industry as a “bundle community,” a concept popular in Florida and North Carolina in which golf club members live on the property.  

Those who purchase the homes would be expected to maintain memberships to the club.

The expansion is part of an ongoing effort by the club, which was established in 1904, to boost membership. It has 378 members, according to project documents, and over the past 15 years, it has provided a variety of options to draw new members.

Peak club membership was around 470, McLean has said.

Originally, the Edison Golf Club wanted to build 206 housing units of various styles on about 79 acres of the club’s property.

Those homes would have been built on what are now fairways, so the club’s 27-hole course would have become a 20-hole course.

A project narrative submitted to the Planning Department noted that, while the club would be able to survive for at least the next few years without the expansion project, its continued operation would come at the expense of the club’s golf course and infrastructure.

The club also noted it would be forced to make budget cuts if it continues on its current path.

Those who purchase homes on the property would be expected to buy club memberships for $4,000 per year, an amount that would include use of the clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis facility and golf course.

The club employs up to 90 people during golf season, and it pays $125,000 in annual property taxes. It also collects more than $200,000 in sales tax revenue, according to project documents.

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