Editorial: Thank you for sharing ‘Your Voice.’

Our letter writers create a community for sharing thoughts and ideas

What is a community?

In part, it’s a place where everyone can share their views, regardless of their political point of view, social background, age or geographic location.

It’s a place where we can hear about our neighbors and the matters that concern them. 

It’s where we can learn about, and hopefully learn to appreciate, points of view that differ from our own.

This is the portion of the paper we call “Your Voice,” because it belongs completely to you.

Other than fixing some grammar and spelling, checking for major departures of facts, and toning down some of the more offensive language to keep the conversation civil, the newspaper people stay out of this part of the Opinion section.

It’s your voice, not ours. A chance for you to have your say.

Do you love Donald Trump or hate him? Let us know and we’ll let you tell our readers why you think the way you do.

Are you concerned about the state of our nation or the direction our government is taking New York? We’ll print it.

Have an opinion on why your fellow citizens should support or oppose a political candidate? Tell your fellow citizens.

Concerned about hospital pensions or climate change or the local sewer referendum or a proposed new housing development or the number of potholes on your street? Share it.

Worried about your school taxes going up? We’ll bet others share your concerns.

Have suggestions for improving a bad intersection or making a community service project better?

Want to recognize someone for doing a good deed or for supporting an important charitable event? We’d like to hear about it.

Do you agree or disagree with something we’ve printed, an editorial or a column or an article or political cartoon? Give it to us straight. We can take it.

No letter — repeat, no letter — is ever rejected because of someone’s political point of view.

Yes, we discourage writers from attacking other writers. We want members of this community to feel comfortable expressing their points of views without someone calling them names or belittling them.

This isn’t an online free-for-all. We try to maintain a degree of civility. Otherwise, people won’t write and none of us will get to learn what they think.

Are the opinions you have sometimes pretty strong? Sure. But let’s keep the personal nastiness out of it.

As 2018 comes to a close, The Gazette has published more than 1,540 letters, an average of almost 130 letters per month.

These came from about 975 individual writers. That’s a lot of voices.

Some writers only write once. Others write more often. And we have our regular writers who send a letter every 30 days like clockwork. We’ve found that this year, people are writing more often.

As always, we’re pleased to be able to provide this community forum for our readers.

And once again this year, we’re pleased to thank each and every one of you for sharing ‘Your Voice.’

Diane Abbott
Dominic Acidiacono
Greg Adams
Marcia Adams
William Aiken
Jackie Aldous
Al Alexander
Philip Alexander
Curt Alheim
Gene Altman
Fred Ames
Stephen B. Ames
John Amidon
Jane Anclam
Rodger Anderson
Stephen Anderson
Jennifer Andersons
Gloria Andrejko
Richard Antokol
Eleanor Aronstein
Phil Arony
Aram Atashian
Bruce Atkins
Maureen Baillargeon Aumand
Rose Austin
Keith A. Avellino
Peter Van Avery
Lou Bach
Louis Bach
Louis Bach
Ashley Baker
Dave Baker
Mary Baker
Brian Baldwin
Winifred Balz
Courtney Barker
Lyle W. Barlyn
Diane Barney
Janet Baron
Bruce Barringer
Paul Bastian
Liz Beaudoin
Judy Beck
Andy Beiniks
Andy Beiniks
Vincent Belardo
Bob Belive
Clarinda L. Bellen
Ron Belli
Ruth Benacquista
Deborah Bender
Randy L. Benedict
Ken Benson
Kenneth Benson
Sarah Berke
Frank Berlin
Sylvia Bernard
Jeremy Berry
John Berstgen
Elmer F. Bertsch
Robert Best
Anthony Bianchini
Bob Biggs
John Birchier
Anthony Biscotti
Charles Bishop
Christine Bishop
Michael R.F. Bishop
John H. Blackman
John Blanchard
James M. Bleser
James Blesser
Steven Blood
Mike Blyskel
Jerry Boehm
Jerry Boehm
Michael Boehm
Sander Bonvell
Caroline Benedict Bordwell
Dennis Bouchard
David L. Bouck
Michael Albert Bowes
George Boyd
R. Michael Boyer
Daniel Bradt
Michael Bray
Amanda Brazee
Walter “Neal” Brazell
Helena Brecker
Bill Breighton
Judith D. Breitenstein
Denis Brennan
Ken Bress
Maxine Brisport
Kris Brock
Mark Brockbank
James Brodie
Margaret Brodie
Dale M. Brown
Daniel Brown
Dave Brown
Keith Brown
Nyre Brown
Rob Brown
Don Brunelle
Mary Ann Bruno
Pat Bruschetti
Sean Bryant
Shelby Bryson
Jerry Bubniak
Peter Buchardt
K. Wayne Bunn
Bernard Burns 
Diane Burns
Sue Butler
Alan Buzanowski
Roni Bylina
Bonita Cade
Helen Caldaro
Allyson Calhoun
Concetta Cannizzaro
Ron and Jane Capello
Ron Capullo
Vincent F. Carelli
Florence Carnahan
Anthony Carota
Anthony Carota
Robert Carreau
Livia Carroll
Tony Case
Kristen Casey
Bruce Castka
Brue Castka
Peter Cateno
Mary Cater
Bonney Cawley
Corinne Cazer
Bill Cervera
Christopher Chadwick
Fred Chambers
Katie Chao 
Phyllis Chapman
Janet Chen
Marilyn Chew
David Childs
David W. Christensen
Stan Christy
James Cimino
Tracy Cimino
John Cinton
Nicole V. Clarke
Diane Clements
Joanne Clough
Christopher L. Coccio
Joyce M. Cockerham
Douglas Cohen
Frank Coleman
Wayne Collins
Fred Como
Jed Conboy
Judith Connelly
Mark Connolly
Robert Conrad
William B. Cook
William Cook
William Cooney
David Cooper
Don Cooper
Joanne Coppola
Kathryn Corah
Jeff Corbin
Jeffery Corbin
Linda Corese
Robert Corliss
Robert K. Corliss
Laura Countryman
Nick Coupas
Bonnie Couture
Andrew Crapo
Deise Crisci
Denise Crisci
Michael Croce
Michael Crowley
Faith Cuilla
Evelyn M. Currie
James Curtain 
Sallie Curtis
Jim Cusack
Matt Cutler
Matthew Cutler
Vince Dacquisto
Joe Dalton
Carlie D’Annunzio
Stephen Dansereau
Jeff Dare
Jeffrey Dare
Michael Daugherty
Donald H. Davis
Edmond Day
Don DeAngelo
Gerald DeAngelus
Michael Decker
Michael G. Decker
Angelo DeFelippo
Carole DeForest
Paul Deierlein
David G. DeMarco
Don Demarco
Christina DeMaria
Bill Denison
Brianne Denofio
Barbara R. DePowel
Dolores Van Detta
Joanne DeVoe
Robert C. DeVries
Rob Dickson
Richard DiCristofaro
Terry Diggory
Bill Dikant
William Diman
Christine Dismore
Ron Dobies
Shelly Dobski
Dan Doherty
Paul Dolphe
Carole Donahue
Paul Donahue
Frank Donegan
Jacquline Donegan
Kathy Dougherty
Frank Duci
Susan DuFour
Robert Dufresne
Sean Dufresne
Dominique Dunlap
James Dunn
Marc Duquette
John Dwork
Barbara Dworkin
Paul H. Eaton
Paul. H. Eaton
Jim Eccles
Michael Edens
Dave Edwards
David Edwards
Jon Eickhoff
John A. Ekman
John Ekman
Frank Elfland
Mary Ellis
Tom Ellis
Lynell Engelmyer
Karen Eplite
Richard Evans
Terry Van Evera
William Van Evera
Rosalie Fadem
Jeff Falace
Peter Farina
Rosalie Farina
Willam Farmer
William Farmer
Mary Farstad
William Farstad
Ray Faught
Maryanne Faulisi
Larry Fein
Richard Felak
Scot Felderman
Annabel V. Felton
Claudia Fennicks
Jose’ Fernandez
Rocco Ferraro
George Ferro
Kenneth Fetter
Linda Feuz
Monica Finch
Larry Fine
Jerry Fiore
Cindy Bukoff Fleischer
Cindy Fleischer
Michael Fondacaro
Michael Fondacaro
Barbara Fontaine
Sue Forbes
James Forgerty
Andy Foster
Michael Foster
Paul Fox
Anthony Frank
Anthony Frank
Robert Fredette
Erwin Fried
Erwin Fried
Jennifer Friello
Anne Fringo
Ann Gabriele
Katie  Gaffney
George Galeazza
Kathryn J. Gallien
David W. Gallup
Keith Gasner
Debbie Gatoff
Ray Gawlas
Paul Gentilaomo
John Gentile
Carm St. George
David Gerhan
Helmut Gerstenberger
David Giacalone
David Gibson
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson
Lynne Gilgore
Ray Gillen
David P. Gillikin
Frank Giordano
Simon Gisin
Art Glaude
Robert J . Godlewski
Nancy Goldblatt
Neil Golub
Lawrence Goodwin
David Gordon
Sid Gordon
William Goslin
Virginia Graney
Glenn Gray
Gay Griffith
Gary Grill
Peter J. Grippo
Barry Groat
Jason Gross
Joe Gryas
Marilyn B. Guidarelli
Ed Guider
Gary Philip Guido
Harold Haber
Mohamed Hafez
Suzanne Hagadorn
June Hanevy
Trish Harrington
Doreen Harris
Fred and Jan Harris
Ray Harris
Raymond Harris
Dave Hart
Donna Hart
Mary Carol Hart
Paul M. Hasbrock
Les Hassen
Geraldine M. Havasey
Gerard Havasey
Gerad F. Havasy
Gerard F. Havasy
Krista A. Hawk
Bob Heath
Dave Heckler
Edward A. Hedlund
Edward Hedlund
Jean Heesch
Joseph J. Hehir
Bill Heimbarg
Steve Helmin
Art Henningson
Peter Henningson
Carol Henry
Carol Henry
Josh Hermance
John Herrick
Thomas P. Herrmann
John Hersey
Margaret Hesdorder
Anne Heupel
Larry Hicks
Dennis Higgins
Graham Higgins
Guy Hildreth
William R. Hinrichs
Arno Hiris
Susan Hoff
Richard Hoffman
Peggy Hohenstein
James Homan
Arthur Hombach
Diane Sanders Hombach
Wendy Hopkins
Lauren Hopsicker
Michael T. Horan
Ed and Dorothy Horstkotte
Carol P. Hotaling
Kelly Hoyt
Lester Hudsell
George Hughes
Wallace Hughes
Lorene Huntley
Sherry Huzar
Joanne Hwaszcz
Martha Iacclucci
Charlie Beers III
Maria L. Isopo-Barringer
Beth Jackson
Lance R. Jackson
Beth Jacobs
Raymond Charles Jacobs
Jay Janczak
Jerry jasinski
Pete Jellett
Brittanie Johnson
Hugh Johnson
Barbara Jones
Jean Jones
Kenneth Jones
Richard Jones
Robert Jones
Larry Jordan
Claude Rizzicone Jr.
FJ Colacino Jr.
Frank A. Benge Jr.
George Kline Jr.
John Bergener Jr.
Richard Lewis Jr.
Richard Moody Jr.
Richard W. Lewis Jr.
Robert Killeen Jr.
Joe Kaczynski
Genghis Kahn
Nikolas Kaiser
Frank J. Kakely
Robert Karandy
Susan Karandy
John Karl
Maria Mercedes Karr
Michelle Katz
Michael Kavney
David Keenan
Darleen Kelly
Jeanette Kenneallly
Brendon Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
James Keough
Barbara Kerr
Scott Kilbourn
Eunice Kilmer
Ken Kimball
Meg Kim-Persico
Patrice Kindl
L.J. King
Don Kingsley
Toni Ann Kinsella
Marion Kinsian
Les Klein
Ian Klepetar
Linda Knightes
Leanna Knox
Emily Koch
William Koebbeman
Michele B. Koester
Andrea Kollar
John Kolwaite
Joellyn Kopecky
Darren Kotnes
Christine Kowalczyk
James Kownack
Geraldine Krawtiz
Brian Kreis
Tammy Krishner
Debbie Krol
Deborah Krol
Lisa Kuban
John and Lynn Kucij
John Kucij
Lyn Kucij
Maria Kuethe
mary Kuykendall
Paul Kuzia
Ginger LaChapelle
Lorri Krause (LaCross)
Jayme B. Lahut
Carl LaMalfa
Dave Lambert
Daniel Lange
Jackie Langolis
Peg Lapo
Leonora Lark

Lynn Latham
Frederic Lee
Sunny Lee
karen Lehan
Carol Leip
Jon Lemellin
Rich Leon
Elizabeth Lerner
Gary J. Lessard
Linda LeTendre
Patricia Levin
Joseph Levy
Larry Lewis
Ricki Lewis
Martha Litardo
Howard Littman
Gary Locatelli
Jackie Lochner
Kathleen LoGiadice
James Lombardi
Christopher Longo
Frank Longo
Peter Looker
Peter Looker
John Lovell
Adel Luciano
Mishka Luft
Bob Lull
John Lynch
Edgar Lynk
Joan Mack
Linda Mackanesi
Cherly MacNeil
Philip Maddas
Philip Maddeau
John Madeiros
Jill Madolski
Tim Maggs
Al Magid
Alvin Magid
Sally Magid
Sally Magid
Carol C. Maider
William F. Malec
William Malec
Jesse Malecki
Jessie Malecki
Sue Malone
Kathleen Mancuso
Bob Mangino
Peter Manning
Rick Mansfield
Bill Marincic
William Marincic
Mark Markovitz
G.V. Marmuscak
GV Marmuscak
James Martin
Jill Martin
Jim Martin
Gail Martino
Al Marvell
Mario Mascaro
Leonard De Masi
Sue Masi
John Mastriani
Chris Mathieson
Oill Matt
Dianne Mattarazzo
Wayne Matuszyk
Clyde Maughan
James Maughan
Fred Maurer
James Maxfield
Otis Maxwell
Richard Mayo
jesse McCaughey
Mary B. McClaine
Lisa McCoy
Steven McCrum
Greg McDermott
Linda McDermott
Douglas N. McFadden
Thomas McGarry
Michael McGlynn
John McGuinness
Bob McMorris
Shirley McMorris
Ellen McNett
Bill McPherson
William McPherson
John Manimas Mederias
Virginia Mee
David Mendez
Martha Meskatoveca
Meg Messitt
John Metallo
Abigail Meyer
Nico Meyering
Robert Michaels
Nancy Michela
Vicki Michela
Paul Miknavich
Donna Miller
Kurtis Miller
Marge Miller
George Milner
Bernard Mirlin
John Moak
Henry Molt
Anthony Monte
Tony Monte
Patricia Montone
Calvin Moore
Ken Moore
Maryellen Moore
Michael Moore
Shirley Moorehouse
Jim Moorhead
Donna Moran
Richard Moran
David Morgan
Phillip Morris
Lou Mosher
Lous Mosher
Allen Muchmore
Frank Mucilli
Leonard Muller
Jan Mulroy
Jacqueline Murphy
Jay Murphy
John Murphy
Sarah Murphy
Jeff Murtaugh
James Myers
John Naple
Michael Nardacci
Lisa Nargis
Cherly Nechamen
Linda Neil
Betsey Nejman
Joel Nelson
Wendell Neugebauer
Roy Neville
Hugh Nevins
Virginia Newton
Bob Nicolella
Robert Nicolella
George Nigriny
Daniel Nosek
David Nosek
Peter Notch
Janet Null
Alexander Nusco
Rudy Nydegger
Christine O’Connell
Elizabeth O’conner
Dorothy O’Connor
Lawrence O’Connor
Chris Ognibene
Christopher Ognibene
Matt Oill
Louis Okoniewski
Timothy O’Neill
Paul St. Onge
Al Ormsby
James Orr
Jeanie Orr
Nancy Ortner
Nancy Ostapow
Jack Osterlitz
John Osterlitz
Jonathan Owens
John Pagoda
Janet Palitsch
Aaron Pape
William H. Park
Shelia Parkert
Christina Patterson
Richard Van Patton
James Pavoldi
Roy Pechtel
Nancy Pennell
Elisa Pepe
Ellie Pepper
Norman Perazzo
Mary Cuffe Perez
Joann Perillo
Melinda Perrin
Ellie Peters
Sandra J. Peters
Tara Peterson
Theresa Pettograsso
Roger Peugh
Fred Pfeiffer
Howard Philipson
Forman Phillips
James E. Pickett
Barbara Pidgeon
Pete Pidgeon
Peter Pidgeon
Betty Pieper
Del Pierce
Gary Pitkin
Gerald Plante
Suzanne Pollard
Rafael Polo
Anne Pomeroy
Greer Pomeroy
Bruce Pomery
Don Porter
Mary DeTurris Poust
George Pratt
Jim Pratt
Jim Pratt
Margaret E. Priola
George Putnam
Patricia Pytolvany
John Radcliff
Mark Rahn
Flora L. Ramonowski
Arden Rauch
David Rawlin
Bruce Raymer
John Rayome
Jacob Reed
John R. Reilly 
Don Reinhart
Jane Reisenger
Bruce Reisner
Thomas Reiter
Allen A. Remaley
Louis Restifo
James Retajczk
K.D. Reyolds
Theresa Richard
Nason Richmond
Theresa Rickard
Charles Rielly
Susan Rifenberg
George Riggi
Vince Riggi
Robin Ringler
Catherine Ritchy
Jane Rizzo
Linda Rizzo
Susan Robbiano
Victor Roberts
Kelly Del la Rocha
Randall Roeser
Jim Rogers
Sandy ‘Rogo’ Roginski
Pat Rose
Jonathon Rosen
Lisa Rosenberg
Ellen Ross
Mark Ruddiman
Tonia Ruff
Mary Ann Ruscitto
David Russell
Holly Russo
Leah Russo
Mary Lou Russo
Morgan Ruthman
Mary Rys
Arthur Salvatore
Arthur Salvatore
Linda salzer
Charlie Samuels
Glen Sanders
Glenn Sanders
Angelo Santabarbara
Anthony J. Santo
Paul Santo
Michael Sargalis
Richard Sartore
Emalia Sasso
Rob Sasso
Paul Sator
Louise Sattar
Gina Sauter
Anthony Scalise
Bill Schaaf
Jim Schaefer
Edward Schaperjahn
Gordon F. Schaufelberg
Bill Scheueman
Bill Scheuerman
Jim Schlembach
Robin Schnell
Suzanne Schuffert
Alison Schuler
Allison Schultz
Jason Schwarts
Donald Schweizer
Jeff Schworm
Amy Scorca
Teresa Seeger
Jeffrey Seeley
Arnold Seiken
Arnold Seiken
Richard Sellers
Robert J. Serotta
Cathy Severino
Marty Shanty
Bill Shapiro
Marie Shave
Bill Shaw
Phil Sheehan
Roger Sheffer
Gregory Sheydon
John Short
Thomas Short
AJ Siarkowski
katherine E. Sieg
Kurt Siegel
Mary Siegel
Nicholas Silverio
David Fitz Simons
Al Singer
Thomas Singer
Tom Singer
Leslie Sittner
Beverly Skoll
Darren Skotnes
Daniel Sleaman
Phyllis Sleeper
Jane Slezak
Bill Smith
Jerry Smith
Kristine Smith
Suzanne Smith
Pat Snyder
Robyn Song
Paul Sonnieiter
Dee Sorbe
Dixon Southworth
Giuliano Spadaro
Peter Sparano
Eugene Spicer
Guy Spiers
Rick Splawnik
Robert Sponable
Al Pirigyi Sr.
Albert J. Pirigyi Sr.
Michael P. Croce Sr.
Steven Santore Sr.
Thomas A. Ramano Sr.
Timothy Gaffney Sr.
Joe Staile
Don Steciak
Phil Steck
Don Steiner
Mary Lou Sterm
Jim Stevens
Scott Stevens
Kevin Stone
Karen Straut
Gary Striar
Carl Strock
James Strosberg
Rick Sturm
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson
Cynthia Swanson
Carol Synder
Tim Szczepaniak
Rit Szczepanski 
Francis R. Taormina
P.A. Taylor
John Templer
Richard Terry
Michelle Testa
Barbara Thomas
Jillian St. Thomas
Norrine Thompson
Ted Thompson
Ted Thompson
Herbert Thorne
Madelyn Thorne
Robert Thorpe
Barbara Thurnau
Carl J. Thurnau
Rebecca Tillou
Jon Tobiessen
Robert Todt
Paul Tonko
Jeffrey Torres
Mark Townsend
Bruce S. Trachtenberg
Coni Tracki
Paul W. Trinci
Peter Trolio
Ken Truman
Sharon Trumpler
Benjamin Turon
Jack L. Underwood
Jessica Underwood
Mary Jane Valachovic
William F. Valachovic
Dick Vale
Jonathon Vanderbeck
Lorraine VanDerWerkin
James vanDijk
Maureen VanHeusen
George S. VanSchaick
Francis Vanstaveren
Mary Jo Garofalo Venditti
Mary Jo Venditti
Tony Venditti
Carol Vicca
Emily Vincent
Jim Vincent
Ted Vinick
Wayne Virkler
Joe Viva
John Vohr
Elizabeth Volpicelli
Paul Volsky
Dale Wade-Keszey
Don Wager
Edward F. Wagner
Edward Wagner
Chris Walcek
Linda Walczak
Virginia Waldynski
Herbert Walker
Doug Wallace
Kiera Walsh
Pat Walsh
Patrick Walsh
Jance Walz
Janice Walz
Bonnie Warren
Julie Wash
Val Washington
Anthony J. Wassil
Carol Waterman
Raymond Watkin
Anthony Weassil
Elizabeth Weber
Brenda Weideman
Ray Weidman
Jane Weihe
Margaret Weiner
Christpher Welch
David Welch
Richard Werner
Rose Wertman
W.L. Wertman
Marilyn Wessels
Dave West
Margaret Wexler
Donald Wharton
Jennifer Whiting
Frank Wicks
Carolina Wierzbowski
William Wilday
Rachael Wilkinson
Taylor William
Rusty Williams
Tom Williams
James A. Wilson
Wendy Wilson
Polly Windels
MacGregor Winegard
Michael Winn
Martha Winsten
Jon Wisniewski
Rosemary Wisniewski
Glenn Witecki
Jacqueline de Witt
Carol Wojcik
Dan Wojcik
C. Ann Wood
Walter Wouk
Carol Yanoch
Marcy Yarborough
Jeannine Yates
Robert R. Young
Robert Young
Colin Yunick
Robert P. Yunick
Theresa Zabretsky
Paul Zawistowski
Ashley Zoltowski
Robert Zurlo

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