Montgomery County

Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy’s case adjourned

Waldynski scheduled back in court March 7

BROADALBIN — The second-degree trespassing case against Raymond Waldynski, a sergeant with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, was adjourned in Town Court Thursday until March 7. 

Waldynski was arrested by the state police on Nov. 21 for allegedly trespassing at the residence of his estranged wife in Broadalbin on Nov. 2.

Court documents show the charge against Waldynski came after the state police received two sworn depositions from Waldynski’s wife, the first, given on Nov. 16 asking that he not be arrested, and the second on Nov. 19, changing her position.

In the first deposition, Waldynski’s wife described the alleged trespassing and how Waldynski was wearing his uniform and had driven his squad car across county lines to her residence. She stated the incident took place at 2:50 a.m.

“I woke up to my soon-to-be ex-husband Ray Waldynski in the hallway of my upstairs,” his estranged wife wrote. “I heard footsteps coming up the stairs which caused me to go check and see what the noise was, and that is when I saw Ray.

“When I came out of my bedroom into the hallway Ray asked, ‘Can we talk?’” she continues in the state police’s arrest warrant. “We then went downstairs and sat on the couch and talked for like ten minutes. We talked about the meeting we had with our lawyers that took place on Nov. 1. He also pleaded his love for me and asked me if I wanted my family together. I then asked Ray to leave and he left using the front door.”

Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith on Thursday said Waldynski has been placed on paid suspension pending the outcome of the legal charge against him.  


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