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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Jan. 6

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President Donald Trump Friday in Washington
President Donald Trump Friday in Washington

Legislative schedule is great if you have it

For those of us in the real world, 2019 will be a full year of work.

For those of us who work in the private sector we will be working till the end of December.

We the people will be working five- and six-day work weeks throughout the year. Some of us will be working two jobs just to make ends meet. And if one is working on the family farm, well you know there won’t be a day of rest all year. That’s how it is in the real world of the private sector. 

Now if one was fortunate enough to be stealing a living in the public sector here in New York, you would be on easy street. If you happen to a lucky member of the New York State Legislature, you just recently got a 60 percent pay raise. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a part-time job that pays $110,000 for 61 scheduled days of work? How about having your work year over in June and not having to report back to work for six months? The legislative session starts on Jan. 9 and ends on June 19. 

How would you like having a work schedule like this?

January: 7 days of work; February: 7 days of work; March: 16 days of work (only 5-day work week); April: 8 days of work; May: 12 days of work; and, June 11 days of work.

All that is wrong with New York! 
Jerry Fiore


Media ignores cop killing by immigrant

Many times by omission, the media can prove its bias just as well as with a report. Such is the case with the murder of a police officer in California. I know a police officer’s murder to most media, unless local, isn’t very newsworthy. But in this case,  it bears telling.

His name was Rolil Singh a legal immigrant from Fiji. He worked hard, even took language classes to improve his speech. On Christmas night, doing his job, he was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant with two prior arrests who was never brought to the attention of ICE because of the state’s sanctuary status — pretty much like your legislators want to do in New York. There, I told the story as you haven’t seen it on these pages. Hmmm wonder why?
Alan Buzanowski
Saratoga Springs


Trump is failing as a military leader, too

It is indeed ironic that the president, a failed businessman, has chosen to blame conditions in Syria on “failed generals.”

In his ongoing effort to blame others for his own shortcomings, he has now focused his criticism on America’s military leaders — leaders who have dedicated their lives to defense of our nation.

For a man who never spent a day in uniform this is particularly shameful. He’s withdrawing troops from Syria, where terrorists remain, and sending them to the Mexican border. Is this the action of a man who understands the role of the U.S. military? I think not.
Bruce Castka
Estero, Fla., and Canajoharie


American people are not all behind Trump

In his Jan. 2 letter, Lowell Montgomery states, “The Democrats have refused to accept the fact that President Trump won the election. Well he did. Get over it.”

He is correct. Donald Trump won the election.

He is the president. He also lost the popular vote by millions.

The American people are not buying what Donald Trump is selling.

“Get over it.”
Michael Boehm

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