Editorial: Leave Trump’s name on park

Lawmakers shouldn't waste valuable time on petty jab at president

There’s a lot of legislation that state lawmakers need to address in the coming session.

One issue they shouldn’t waste their time on is finding a way to strip Donald Trump’s name from a downstate park.

In 2006, Trump — then just a famous businessman —donated 434 acres of land he owned on the Westchester-Putnam county border for use as a state park.

One of the stipulations of the donation was that the billionaire get his name on the park as thanks for his generosity.

But now that Democrats fully control the executive and legislative branches of state government, there’s new momentum to remove Trump’s name from the property.

If rich people want to make big donations to the public, it’s a small price to pay to let them put their name on whatever they donate. Otherwise, either don’t accept the donation or give it back.

Lawmakers have plenty of important matters to address this year.

This petty political poke at the president shouldn’t even make the list.

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