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Letters to the Editor for Friday, Jan. 11

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Use the shutdown savings to fund wall

I read that about 800,000 government contractors are going unpaid due to the government shutdown. Assuming an average annual wage of $78,000 and figuring they have been out of work for three weeks, the government has so far saved $3.6 billion.
Somebody should tell Trump that more than half the money is now available for his wall.
Actually he could improve his design, or also put a wall up towards Canada, or make real KZ trailers for immigrants. The longer he waits, the more money he saves. Perhaps he will tell us that already.
Bernd Westphal

Clifton Park


Wood cutter needs more safety gear

It was nice to see a photo in the Jan. 9 Daily Gazette of a young man, Jake Armlin, sawing up some firewood, but this person should be aware of the dangers that he’s subjecting himself to. He‘s standing on top of logs while cutting up wood, which is not a very safe practice. He also doesn’t have on any protective eye-wear or hearing protectors. Additionally, he doesn’t have more protective leg-wear than a pair of jeans. If he wants to continue cutting up his firewood, he should really consider doing this while following safer practices.
Rit Szczepanski


Build foot bridge to Scotia from Stockade

Amsterdam has a lovely pedestrian bridge that spans the Mohawk River connecting south Amsterdam to north Amsterdam. The bridge has plaques of the local history, plus a few built-in benches and gardens that line the sides of the span.

The people of Amsterdam have made this bridge a local focal point for special occasions, a gathering place for celebrations and remembrances.

Schenectady should have a pedestrian bridge. I’ve got a good suggestion for its location: the bottom of Washington Avenue in the Stockade.

The bridge should span the river to the Scotia side at the intersection of Schonowee and Washington avenues. There are abutments still visible on both sides from the original bridge that crossed at this exact location. This bridge was built in 1806, and over the years was made into a covered bridge. It also accommodated the train tracks for the FJ&G railroad. 

Upon completion of the Great Western Gateway Bridge in 1925, the old bridge was demolished. A perfect location, as it’s the site of the first Schenectady settlement in 1661.

Schenectady should have celebrated its 350th birthday in 2011. If there were any celebrations, I didn’t hear of them.

Our 360th birthday is coming up in 2021. Let’s celebrate big time.  Let’s build a walking bridge that connects us to Scotia. We share so much of our history. It was Johannes Glen of Scotia, in 1691 when the Schenectady Massacre took place, who negotiated with the Indians and rescued many of our original settlers. Here’s hoping we can get this done.
Winnie Balz

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