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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Jan. 29

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NY’s new abortion law goes too far

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) was fast-tracked in our state Legislature and was passed on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Gov. Andrew Cuomo had RHA as a focal point of his re-election campaign last fall. Recently, the governor even rallied with Hillary Clinton in New York City in support of RHA. Unfortunately, many misconceptions exist regarding the RHA: one being that it would simply codify Roe v. Wade. However, the RHA an extreme expansion of the current state abortion policy. 

The RHA is a horrendous bill. It would: 1. Eliminate the requirement that abortions be performed only by licensed physicians, 2. Take abortion-related crimes off the books in cases where pregnant women miscarry after being assaulted. 3. Allow third-trimester abortions for any reason (removing ambiguity in existing laws) 4. Make it legal for viable babies born alive following late-term abortions to be denied medical care. 

Last week on I-90 in Albany, there was a huge lighted billboard that read, “We Deserve the Reproductive Health Act.” Who are the “We”? Certainly not the pre-born babies whose lives are being taken.

After the bill passed, one of the female legislators stood and stressed that this law was mostly about a woman’s right to choose her reproductive health. Certainly allowing a baby that’s born alive after a late-term abortion to lie on a table left to die is totally unconscionable. It’s murder. 

Is this what the “We” really want or deserve? Stand up and say absolutely not.
Madeline Derwin


Trump has dubious accomplishments

These are the things Trump has done: He’s created more jobs. I’m not sure how, but this is what everybody tells me. He has alienated our allies. He’s fired more in-house people in his government, chosen by him, than any other president of all time.

He’s weakened the EPA and gutted the Clean Air Act. This might not affect us, but will our grandchildren or their children. But he thinks this is OK. He won’t be around when this happens, long after he’s gone.

Fossil fuel has nothing to do with climate change, he believes. It’s people and cows that are causing this fake news about global warming.

All immigrants are criminals. He’s not fussy about nationality, just everybody.

He wants the wall because this will probably be what he will be remembered by and what he did as president.
Anne Fringo


Develop a healthy bond with siblings

As a  parent you can have a huge impact on your children’s older adult life by encouraging healthy supportive sibling bonds. 

It may also affect your own health and well-being, because siblings with already-established healthy relationships are much more equipped to take care of you as you age. If you have a sister, consider yourself extremely lucky. Most sister/sister relationships remain a constant strong bond throughout life. Even brother/sister relationships are as strong and supportive. This is attributed to the emotional expressiveness when one takes the role as a nurturer.

Probably the healthiest adult sibling relationships are either congenial or loyal. Seeing your siblings as close friends and having some family loyalty can come in handy as you get older. Many older adults find sibling relationships more satisfying and reliable in their lives. They seem to grow closer as the years go by. If you can live a life like this, it will be well worth  it, because nothing is more important than your family. 
Walter “Neal” Brazell

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