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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Jan. 30

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Democrats work hard for upstate NY, too

I read The Daily Gazette’s Jan. 27 editorial advising the state Legislature to take their time considering bills, and I agree.

But I disagree with the statement about halfway through the article that talks about how the Republican Party are really the ones who represent upstate, while Democrats care only about New York City. This is also a common refrain in the campaign materials of upstate Republicans.

But it’s wrong. People who live here care about here. I’ve run in two local elections myself, and just a few months ago worked on a state Senate race. Not once did anyone in any party talk about subways, or Long Island traffic, or really much of any local issues past our homes.

The big state and national issues like taxes and healthcare and schools are important to people, regardless of where they live. I know lots of great Democrats and lots of great Republicans in our community. 

They may have different ideas on how to handle issues, but we all care about the same things, and a Democrat will fight just as hard for their constituents as a Republican.
Howard R. Schlossberg


Reserve education aid for our citizens

In response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushing this Dream Act through,  I would just like to say that I feel infuriated that my husband and I are taxpayers in the state of New York and our son received zero aid from this state when he attended college. We wanted our son to get a great education, which he did, and we paid for it out of our own pocket without help from anyone.

Now my husband, myself and my son can pay for the loans he needed to accomplish this for the next 10 years. Meanwhile, please let me pay for some immigrant in the country illegally, who has no business being in this state, so that he or she may receive some free education from our governor. If I were the governor, I would be sure to push the right to vote through for these same illegal immigrants so that there will be someone to vote for him in the future. I for one will be looking into packing my bags, and I will encourage my son to take his degree from Clarkson University and get the hell out of this state. 
Kathleen Lamphere


Keep politics out of restaurant reviews

Just when I thought your anti-Trump rhetoric couldn’t get any worse, I read the dining review of El Charro Mexican Grill. The article twice took veiled digs at the president and his policies. Let’s keep the politics out of restaurant reviews. The Gazette already publishes enough negative things about our president. 
Edward Pritchard


No parking charges until snow is removed

Lately, walking throughout downtown Schenectady is quite the icy-dicey trip. And what about all those meters you have to use to park? You can’t get to them climbing up a packed snowy incline. 

From Mayor Gary McCarthy down to the rip-off DSIC, which charges for such, we consumers ain’t gettin’ a bang for our tax buck. Until city employees and merchants, et. al., learn how to remove snow, don’t expect us shoppers to shop or pay for parking.

You’re taking your life into your own hands. Remove the snow from entrances from the curb to the door. 

How hard is that to understand? 

Just look north to the Mohawk Harbor property: not one slick sidewalk or blocked entrance anywhere at Rivers Casino and beyond on the ‘Harbor’ properties. Now, that’s snow removal.
Gerald Plante


Grateful for highway crew work in Glenville

Just a quick note from the Glenville area of the county of Schenectady. The town Highway Department and its staff have done an excellent job of snow removal and salting and sanding in these last couple of weeks of inclement weather. Let’s give them a big thanks.
Robert Nicolella


Trump’s got nothing positive to brag about

President Trump recently tweeted about all his accomplishments. I’d just like to add a few he left out.

Trump has managed to lose 10 cabinet members and 65 of his executive staff and has helped the Republican Party lose 40 House seats.

According to Market Watch, he’s increased the U.S. trade deficit by billions, despite his campaign promise to “get rid” of it.  Not only has the economy not increased, but his economic policies since February 2018 have driven the Dow index down significantly. And, the national debt (what you and I owe other countries like China) is more than $2 billion higher since he’s been in office.

But, on the positive side, he’s traveled for 44 campaign rallies and 67 visits to golf clubs, mostly ones he owns. Oh yeah, and he spent two minutes at the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.


Electoral College failed America once again

Hey, have you got a minute? For the second time in as many decades, a constitutional appendix has foiled the will of the majority of the United States voters.

Another election where the candidate who wins the popular vote doesn’t get the White House.

Over the years, the Electoral College has been much derided, including by its most recent beneficiary: Donald Trump. The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy. November 6, 2016. Think about it.
Joe Druzba

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