UAlbany men’s lacrosse’s Ramirez enjoying social media fame

Sophomore's team picture attracts attention
Steve Ramirez.
Steve Ramirez.

ALBANY — More than a few fans approached University at Albany men’s lacrosse sophomore Steve Ramirez before the team’s scrimmage Friday against Colgate to see up close the haircut that made Ramirez a social media star for the last few days.

“And people were surprised that I had all my hair back,” a smiling Ramirez said Saturday. “Some people thought I was wearing a hairpiece or something.”

As is the UAlbany program’s custom, the team’s collection of official headshots for its players includes wild haircuts, interesting facial hair decisions and zany outfits. While a number of players’ appearances received attention on social media, Ramirez’s combination of an exuberant smile and a hairstyle built around the strip of hair directly atop his head being shaved down to nothing seemed to win the Internet after his picture’s posting a few days ago.

But Ramirez now has a full head of hair, as his headshot was taken last fall. Most of his teammates’ photos were taken within the last month.

“We’d planned it all out. When we knew we were doing roster pictures in a few days, we went online, looked up as many weird haircuts as we could find and that’s the one we picked,” said Ramirez, who said teammate Austin Jones took care of the cut for him. “We Googled ‘Stupid haircuts,’ and that was one of the first ones that popped up. We thought it was hilarious.”

Ramirez said he kept the haircut sported in his roster photo for a week.

“But I wore a hat the whole time, except in one class where I took it off to show the teacher,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez’s image has been widely shared on social media, making for a fun last few days for the sophomore midfielder.

“It was definitely a surprise,” Ramirez said. “I knew it would get some love, but I didn’t think it would get the love it got.”

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