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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Feb. 6

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Remember to stop for stopped buses

Dear Morning Commuters (specifically those who travel on Hillside Avenue): I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but when you see a school bus with its lights on (yes, even the yellow ones) stop.

Don’t try to attempt to shave 30 seconds off your commute by squeaking past it. Why, you ask? 

Because passing a school bus with its lights on and signs out is against the law.

Several times a week, I watch ignorant motorists in their own little world blatantly blow past my daughter’s stopped, or almost completely stopped, bus in an effort to get to the corner and turn because they’re running late.

I’ve had it and I’m going to be taking pictures of you, and the Niskayuna Police Department will be contacting you. It might not be a big deal to you, but the safety of my child, and every child on that street, is a big deal to me and parents just like me. To those of you who do stop (even at yellow lights), thank you. Your consideration is noticed and appreciated. To those of you who don’t stop, smile for the camera.
Ellen Russo


Grateful for support rescuing feral cats

I’m a resident of Glenville and I recently stumbled upon a feral cat colony near where I live. 

There were approximately 50 cats and kittens living outdoors in the cold, rain and snow with no shelter. Being an animal lover, I couldn’t just walk past and not do anything. I knew that Steve Caporizzo was affiliated with Pet Connection, so I started there first.

He put my plea for help on his website and I immediately received many recommendations as to who could help me. The majority of the rescue groups and all the volunteers were tied up with other feral colonies and rescues. Nonetheless, they were willing to help. I would like to say thank you to The Kitten Angels, SCRUFF, Guilderhaven and Steve Caporizzo for all their help. 

These groups work endless hours and are totally devoted to the safety and well-being of animals. Through this process, I have met many people and learned many things. I can’t stress enough the need to support local rescue groups and if possible, volunteer. They’re always looking for more people to help with the rescue of animals in need. There are a lot of wonderful caring human beings out there. Thank you so much.
Caryn Weaver


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