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Letters to the Editor for Friday, Feb. 8

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Demagogues spew hate as motivation

Demagogues fabricate fear to motivate their followers.

The Feb. 2 New York Times reported the death of Prof. Leonard Dinnerstein, a historian and leading scholar of anti-Semitism in the United States. He was the author of “The Leo Frank Case,” about a Jewish factory manager in Atlanta who was falsely accused of murdering Mary Phagan, a young employee of the factory. An angry mob riled by anti-Semitism lynched the innocent Frank.

Dinnerstein’s “Anti-Semitism in America” quoted one demagogue warning of “200,000 Communist Jews at the Mexican border waiting to get into this country to rape women.” 

If you change the target of the demagogue’s hate, isn’t this similar to the hateful tweets from the White House?
Mark Markovitz


Trump supporters blindly reject reality

The Rev. Dan Vojir, in a recent column on the OpEdNews website, wrote:

“There is no depth, no substance to the 45th President of the United States.” He provides no details, no resources, no factual basis, not even any continuity of any sort to his rhetoric. He seems to think that he doesn’t really need to present any substance, just what he calls ‘common sense’ and ‘gut instincts’ punctuated with ‘I know more about ___ (fill in the blank) than anyone.’”

The reverend’s comment succinctly defines the gelatinous gas bag known as Donald Trump and, by extension, his followers. 

I can understand the disgust with the political status quo that led people to vote for Donald Trump. But that was then, and this is now. And now it should be clear to anyone with a shred of objectivity that Trump is a run-away train in search of a wreck. 

However, his followers disagree. They “provide no details, no resources, no factual basis” for their support. They simply reject the reality of Donald Trump and substitute it with a fantasy of their own.
Walter Wouk


Abortion law reveals state as heartless

I’m a woman, a mother of four children, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of sixteen. I’m also a registered professional nurse. No one can convince me that a “baby in the womb” is not a living human being.

Therefore, I’m thoroughly disappointed, disgusted and heart-sick over the law that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York state Legislature passed last week. How can they be so heartless toward these most innocent, helpless human beings?

The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill.” This is exactly what they will be doing. Beware of God’s judgment.
Paula J. Myers


Impeach Trump to rid country of him

We’re being held hostage by a man who in two short years has transformed us from the greatest, most respected nation on Earth to an ineffective laughing stock among the world’s community.  

We are a country ruled by law, and yet the man purporting to lead us is one of the most prolific lawbreakers ever to hold office.  Honesty, morality and ethics have always been the backbone of our society, yet Trump is the antithesis of that role model.  Before Donald Trump is through with us, you can be sure he will have been or will soon be indicted for collusion, treason, obstruction of justice, income tax evasion, fraud, witness tampering, hate crimes sex abuse and should be for slavery, kidnapping and homicide. Fewer than 40 percent of our population agrees with him,  and yet we can’t find a way to stop him short of impeachment?  

He’s a petulant, vindictive child. Can you imagine how much havoc he would raise, damage he would do, during the time it takes to initiate and go through the process of impeachment? It may be that the Constitution itself needs some tweaking if a man like Trump can continue to hold the office of president while doing such obvious harm to our government. The law of common sense says something needs to be done now, and if nothing else can be found, then begin impeachment immediately before it’s too late.
Ed Rohrmeier


Liberal Dems show how dumb they are

I’m going to show you how stupid the Democratic liberals are. 

About seven or eight years ago, President Obama passed the enhanced license law. The enhanced law states that if you want to go to Mexico or Canada, you need the enhanced license.

The real ID license what you need to get on the plane to fly only in the United States or to enter a federal building. I’m a 100 percent disabled veteran from World War II. I went to motor vehicles to get the real ID license.

They said I need a birth certificate for proof of lawful status in the United States. I had my discharge papers that shows the date I was born and where I was born. They wouldn’t except my discharge papers. Now, if I don’t get my real ID license, that means I can’t go to the VA hospital, because the VA hospital is a federal building.

This shows how stupid the Democratic officials are in office. They are fighting President Trump about the wall that will protect us all. Wake up, you stupid Democrats.

I’m willing to donate $10,000 to build the wall to protect this country. I was paid 70 cents a day in World War II to protect this country.
Vincent Belardo


Press needs to be more responsible

I call your attention to The Daily Gazette Feb. 2 edition. Specifically, the article on page A4 of the Business section, entitled “Foxconn affirms plan for Wis. factory” and the essay on page E1 of the Opinion page, entitled “Trump’s ‘deals’ aren’t working out the way he promised.”

Mr. Waldman, the author of the Opinion page piece, in his effort to bash President Trump, had failed to perform his due diligence. His failure was compounded by The Gazette and The Washington Post. I value a free press, but a responsibility and obligation come with being a member of the free press.

How are we, as readers, supposed to make informed decisions if our newspapers shirk their responsibility?
Stephen B. Ames
Editor’s Note: The new Foxcomm development broke after the deadline for the Opinion page.


Covington kids got raw deal from media

This is in response to Sally Magid’s Jan. 26 letter about the Covington High School boys. This is fake news reported about them. The boys were in Washington for the 46th annual March for Life, which The Gazette should have reported as front-page news, instead barely reported. That story in itself is front-page news. The boys were there supporting all life, innocent life. The boys and their chaperones were waiting for their bus when a small group of Black Israelites called them racist and homophobic slurs for over an hour. Then the Native American vet came over to the boys beating his drum. I saw calm, curious young men listening to the drummer. These boys were respectful and acted better than the adults and reporters. The reporting of this event was shameful, and they should be held responsible.

And by the way, there is nothing wrong with “MAGA” hats, which to me mean exactly what they say: “Make American Great Again.”
Mary Flynn


Trade deal is bad for United States

 Congressional approval of USMCA (the three-country trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada) will cause a nightmare in future trade agreement negotiations. It includes multiple provisions with dangerous consequences. It sets a preliminary pattern for future agreements the United States may wish to negotiate, and will limit the boundaries to be considered, as norms will have been established for future negotiations.

For instance, the USMCA places itself in the jurisdiction of the United Nations. This means compliance with the World Trade Organization and subjects us to the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, and other U.N. agreements, such as the Law of the Sea Treaty (which the United States has not ratified), etc.

No matter how you look at the USMCA agreement, it would include being under the control of international authorities without the required constitutional approval of Congress. This is an issue of sovereignty the citizens of the United States of America cannot afford to allow happen. Our sovereignty cost too much to be lost in any trade agreement.
George Van Schaick

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