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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 10

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Republicans also not putting America first

Mr. Homan’s Feb. 3 letter should have been entitled “Politicians are not putting America first” and not just single out the Democrats.

I’m a registered Republican, and I wonder why is it when a Trump Republican cult member makes an argument such as his, they never present the fact that the Republicans and Mr. Trump had control of both the Senate and the House for the past two years and they didn’t pass a single piece of legislation to give Mr. Trump his precious wall or any immigration reform.

He asks why the Democrats all supported border security previously, including a wall, but oppose it now? He conveniently forgets that the bipartisan bill in December that included all these things was not signed by Mr. Trump.

He also notes Democrats are importing more low-income persons illegally. And just how are they doing this importing? By not voting for a wall that persons can climb over or tunnel under?

And then he goes even further by saying the Democrats can’t stand to see Trump win to fulfill his campaign promise. Are you referring to the promise he made on numerous occasions that Mexico would pay for the wall?

Mr. Homan, if you want to put America first, why don’t you write to Mr. Trump and request he use his emergency powers to combat gun violence in Chicago and other parts of America?
Mike Norris


What is the cost of not building the wall?

Ken Bress’ Jan. 19 letter illustrates poor calculation in the cost of building “the wall.” But can Ken calculate the cost of one human life affected by opioid addiction or myriad felonies (too heinous to mention here) perpetrated by illegal immigrants?
Eric R. Almond


Legal pot. Gambling. Is prostitution next?

Now that we are moving forward to legalize recreational marijuana and expanding gambling, the time is right to add the world’s oldest profession to the list: prostitution. 

Consider the following:

The governor has said he isn’t legislating morals or religion; everyone has a fundamental right to decide what they want to do with their own bodies; current laws have a greater impact on minorities; state regulation and rules will make it safer for those involved; and the state will enjoy a new stream of revenue. Who can be against this?
Jim Vincent


Cuomo endorses the legal killing of babies

I’m appalled that Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed the Reproductive Health Care Act.

With this act, you are becoming the killer of thousands of unborn babies. This is truly a genocide against the human life — the weak, the handicapped and the poor —  starting with the womb, where life is created. The RHA was concealed in false propaganda. This act does not help women. It does the opposite. What’s next? Are we going to start selective breeding through involuntary sterilization because you have judged individuals physically or mentally unfit to reproduce? How far are you willing to go, governor? 

Babies, who are precious and innocent, have now become “undesirables” in New York state. A child in the mother’s womb isn’t even considered a human being anymore. 

My mother delivered me eight weeks early. Was I not considered a child to you? Are you not going to stand up for the unborn? No one has the right to kill a child in the womb or out of the womb. Just as Abel’s blood cried out to God for revenge (Genesis 4:10), so does the blood of the innocent babies cry out to God and demand justice. The Lord will be the one who will avenge these heinous sins. What you do to one of them is inflicted upon us all. It is truly a sad time for the state. I pray for you because Jesus tells us to pray for those who persecute us. God have mercy on us.
Eva Loucks
Ballston Spa


Consider impact of negativity to Trump

Your opinion page is hurting this country. It’s all negative with the Trump administration. You’re not the only newspaper doing this unfortunate reporting. If we put one of these crazy liberals as president, we can kiss this country good-bye. I know this letter is going to be laughed off until it hits you personally. Please think of your children.
Joseph Parillo
Ballston Spa

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