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Broadalbin man catches big pike on Great Sacandaga Lake

He caught the fish Sunday and gained some notice on Facebook
Broadalbin fisherman Marty Rebisz and his 19-pound pike
Broadalbin fisherman Marty Rebisz and his 19-pound pike

BROADALBIN — Broadalbin fisherman Marty Rebisz wasn’t fishing for pike Sunday, but he got one — a good one.

Rebisz landed himself a 19-pound fish using a line designed to catch up to 12-pound fish.

Though well short of the state record of 46 pounds, 2 ounces set in 1940, a photo of Rebisz and his pike posted on the Great Sacandaga Lake life web page Monday morning garnered 1,900 shares and more than 1,200 likes by Tuesday afternoon.

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The length of the fish turned out to be 42 inches, but Rebisz, 22, didn’t know the exact length at first because his tape measure didn’t go that far, he recalled.

“When I ran out of tape, I knew the pike was a wall-hanger,” Rebisz wrote.

He caught the pike at around 2 p.m., as he was fishing with his cousin, Shaun Montgomery.

Rebisz didn’t want to disclose exactly where he caught the fish, but it was somewhere near the Broadalbin boat launch, he said.

He saw the flag, a visual notification that his fishing line had caught something, and investigated. When he and his cousin got to the hole and saw how fast the line was running into it, they knew they had a nice one, Rebisz said.

He’s not sure how long he fought the fish, but he guessed 15 minutes.

After bringing the fish close to the hole multiple times, Rebisz said he was sure his line would break. The wind also didn’t help, as it caused the line to tangle and caused slack: “the last thing you want when fighting a big fish,” Rebisz said.

The fish eventually tired out, though, and only then did the fishermen realize they had landed a pike.

“It’s the biggest one I’ve ever caught, so I’m getting it mounted,” Rebisz said.

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