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During storm, Clifton Park residents yearn for spring

Owners of cars parked on McClellan Street move their vehicles in Schenectady during a snow emergency Tuesday.
Owners of cars parked on McClellan Street move their vehicles in Schenectady during a snow emergency Tuesday.

As snow began to fall all over the Capital Region Tuesday afternoon, Clifton Park residents found refuge from the storm and thought about warmer days to come.

A storm that was predicted to drop slightly more than 10 inches of fresh powder on Saratoga County sent people into cafes and other businesses.

Lori Sames set up shop in Uncommon Grounds in Clifton Park with her laptop just as snow started to fall around noon. She and dozens of others were checking into work remotely at the cafe, and she said she was looking forward to a time when she wouldn’t be stuck inside.

“I’m looking forward to sunshine and getting that vitamin D,” she said.

Debbie Botch was also in Uncommon Grounds for lunch Tuesday.

Botch, a town resident, took comfort in the fact that the days are getting noticeably longer. She said she most looks forward to getting outside for exercise and other activities, once winter releases its grip. Like many weathering Tuesday’s storm, she was hopeful spring will arrive sooner rather than later.

“We’re getting so close,” she said, gazing out a window at the snow.

At Clifton Common and the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library, things were largely quiet on Tuesday as the storm made driving increasingly hazardous.

Clifton Park Center Mall was busier, as residents took advantage of the shopping venue’s amenities.

Debra Sloat and her grandson, Jack, were killing some time at the mall before they were due to pick up Jack’s sister from school, which let out early Tuesday.

Jack’s afternoon kindergarten program was canceled due to the weather, so Sloat brought him to the Bounce Around playpen in the mall’s food court. 

As she contemplated the weather, Sloat said she is most looking forward to the start of baseball season. She is also ready for it to be warm enough to play outside with Jack and his sister, but she reminded her grandson of a special activity they enjoy together when the warmer weather arrives.

“What do we always do when it gets warm?” she asked her grandson.

“Go swimming?” Jack guessed.

“That’s right, but what do we always do before that?” she pressed.

After thinking a moment, Jack knew the answer: “Plant in your garden,” he said.

“That’s right,” Sloat said as she bundled her grandson into a heavy jacket. “When spring comes, we always do the first planting in my garden together.”

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