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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 17

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Trump has had many accomplishments

 In Mr. Wouk’s Feb. 8 letter, he refers to President Trump as a “gelatinous gas bag” and describes him as a runaway train in search of a wreck. He states further that our president provides no details, resources or factual basis. Mr. Wouk, are you living in a cave? A simple Google search quickly lists 289 Trump accomplishments to date. 

Let’s see: the economy is growing at such a tremendous pace in spite of the previous administration’s claim that it was impossible to achieve; 4 million people have been added to the work force; unemployment is at an all-time low, including African Americans; and the military has been rebuilt, just to name a few of the 289. Those, Mr. Wouk, are just some of the facts that you say are missing.
Gerald DeAngelus


Democrats will do anything to get votes

Have you noticed the ads on TV [Optimax tax, tax relief, credit card relief, credit associates, etc.] telling people that they can reduce exuberant money that they have already racked up on their credit cards?

We will have to pick up the difference so they can go out and charge up more debts. Talk about greed. 

Now our legislators are going to give themselves a raise for sitting on their butts making laws for us to obey not them.

Teachers who put in long hours educating students deserve more money than they do. Teachers wouldn’t have to feel guilty about getting it either. Why are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer wasting time trying to stop Trump from building his wall? It’s because of them that people aren’t getting their money, not the president. They will stop at anything to stop his wall. Why don’t the people without paychecks go after them? And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants free health care for everyone in New York City. Who do you think will pay for that? Us in upstate New York. The Democrats will stop at nothing to get votes.
James Maxfield


To beat Trump, Dems must be populists 

 As the 2020 election approaches, the pressure is on for Democrats to win and get President Trump out of office. With that goal in mind, a quote by writer Arundhati Roy regarding Trump comes to mind: “…the danger with that kind of obsession with a single person is that you don’t see the system that produced him.”

I completely agree with her, and I believe that system to be the corruption of our establishment. 

Looking back, if any theme defined the 2016 election, it’s that people were tired of the status-quo of our government.

Donald Trump campaigned on quite a bit of anti-establishment rhetoric such as bashing NAFTA and TPP (both of which have screwed over working people) or railing against our endless wars. I believe that rhetoric drew many Bernie Sanders supporters to Trump, (as opposed to Hillary Clinton, who was essentially the face and mascot of the establishment and status-quo), and ultimately may have won him the election. 

Granted he has gone back on much of that rhetoric since taking office and has become massively pro-establishment, but nevertheless.

The best chance the Democrats have in 2020 is to embrace populist ideas such as Medicare for all, or free college, or ending the wars (which in my opinion wouldn’t only be effective policy, but nearly every poll has indicated them to be popular among the American people) and not just being an Anti-Trump Party. On the campaign, they’ll become stronger candidates, and in office, they’ll make America a better nation. 
Matt Oill


Writer gave bad info about abortion bill

I have rarely been bothered by political cesspool stink. Regarding Laurie Cox’s Feb. 9 letter opposing the Reproductive Health Act, she needs to know she is wrong.

To try to push your beliefs on people that read this paper by not saying the Senate bill #S240 is the Reproductive Health Act, instead of #A00021, which is not. Muckraking should be left to the Republican talk show hosts who would at least research a subject before faking the unfair alternate truth.

Should you wish to check my research, go and apply some effort instead of listening to those who repeat rumor and innuendo. 

Lord forgive them, for they know not what they say.
Jeff Pelky

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