Shen sweeps Division I track titles

Saratoga Springs boys, girls have to settle for second
Kelsey Chmiel of Saratoga Springs heads to a win in the girls' 1,500.
Kelsey Chmiel of Saratoga Springs heads to a win in the girls' 1,500.

ALBANY — Shenendehowa girls’ head track coach Rob Cloutier expected major success; Shen boys’ head track coach Jason Burlingame did not. When the weather-delayed meet’s final horn sounded, both Plainsmen mentors were grinning from ear to ear after dominating performances during a sweep of their Section II Division I indoor track championships Monday afternoon at the University at Albany.

The Shenendehowa girls started piling up points early in the field events and kept cranking en route to 181 points, while the Plainsmen boys were in more of a dog fight but still recorded 130 points to win to win by 30. It sets up an interesting state qualifying meet back at UAlbany this Sunday.

Archrival Saratoga Springs used its strong middle to long distance runners to finish runner-up in each division.

“It was a very solid performance,” Cloutier said about the girls meet. “Yesterday [Sunday] helped us get off to a good start with the pole vault and the throws. We really don’t have a weak area. If one event or group has an off day or an illness or an injury, we have the throwers, the distance runners or some other area that will exceed expectations. As a team, we have a well balanced approach.. 

“In most areas, we were pretty much where we expected to be. That’s the luxury of being a really deep team. The kids know where the bar has been set over the years. It’s a way of measuring themselves against teams of the past.”

Freshman Maia Cacchione won the pole vault, and senior Chidera Anameze captured the weight throw in a 1-2-3 Shen finish. Chidera Anameze and her sister, Chidalu Anameze, were also second and third, respectively, in the shot put.

On the track, sophomore Rachel Sterle took both the 50-meter dash and the 300-meter dash. The Plainsmen won two of the three relays and scooped up plenty of second- and third-place finishes in the middle and longer racing events.
Cloutier is looking forward to a very successful state qualifying meet next week.

”Maybe in the past, if we had a tighter team race here, we would ask more of our stud kids, but we’re fortunate that we don’t have to do that this year,” he said. “We have a group of individuals, and at least one relay team that have a really good chance to do well at the states, but we have to get there first. That’s why we have to execute next Sunday.”

Saratoga Springs notched victories in the 1,500 with star Kelsey Chmiel, the 3,000 with freshman Ella Kurto, the 4×800 meter relay, the high jump with sophomore Anna Evans and the shot put with junior Madel Duchaussee.

Meanwhile, although the Shen girls were expected to excel, Burlingame was very surprised how the boys responded.

“Everybody today was a surprise champion,” Burlingame said. “We have a great senior group, but in the last week, we had a ton of illness and injuries. I was cautiously optimistic, but I expected a very tight meet with Colonie and Saratoga. Our seniors rallied our guys and coached up our underclassmen. We chipped away to go away with another title. It’s very impressive, and I’m really happy with the way our upper classmen handled themselves. This was all unexpected. They set the tone for our underclassmen, from showing them how to warm up to making sure their nerves didn’t get the best of them, and to keeping them cool and collected.”

Shenendehowa won the 4×800 relay, and senior Kyle Gregor captured the shot put. Senior Colin Tower was second in the 300 and third in both the long jump and triple jump, while junior Aidan Hickey was third in the 600. Senior Alex Hislop was third in the 1,600, and senior Gregory Langone was third in the 3,200.

Other boys’ division highlights included Saratoga Springs senior Ryan Postlethwait’s win in the 600 and Blue Streaks senior Shea Weilbaker’s double in the 1,600 and 3,200.

Schenectady senior Colin James captured the triple jump. Colonie picked up victories from senior Josiah Kemp, who won both the 55-meter dash and the 55 hurdles, senior Michael Hermance, who won the 300-meter dash and senior Nick Seido-Bakari, who took the weight throw.


Stillwater captured the boys’ crown, and Greenwich took the girls’ title in the Division IV championship.

Stillwater, which triumphed in the 4×400 relay, got individual victories from senior Joe Conti in the 55 dash, senior Erick Sicko in the 600 run, Dylan Moran in the long jump and triple jump and Tino Halse in the weight throw.

Brynne Wright doubled in the 1,000 and 1,500 for Greenwich, which also swept the relays for the girls.


Team scores: Shenendehowa 181, Saratoga Springs 106, Guilderland 70, Shaker 66.5, Bethlehem 27.5, Albany 20, Colonie 18, Schenectady 6.

Individual events
50 – Rachel Sterle (Shen) 7.47, Madel Duchaussee (Sar) 7.64, Syaira Liverpool (Alb) 7.70. 300 – Rachel Sterle (Shen) 42.53, Antonia Brancato (Shen) 43.61, Julia Barker (Shak) 44.44. 600 – Kathryn Tenney (Colon) 1:43.27, Alexan Vellekoop (Guild) 1:43.96, Aine Haugh (Alb) 1:46.79. 1,000 – Gillian Roeder (Beth) 3:05.63, Jade Dennis (Shen) 3:06.09, Hanna Belleville (Shen) 3:07.91. 1,500 – Kelsey Chmiel (Sar) 4:46.85, Ella Kurto (Sar) 4:48.90, Kaleigh Higgins (Shak) 4:54.35. 3,000 – Ella Kurto (Sar) 10:16.86, Mckinley Wheeler (Sar) 10:31.05, Sheridan Wheeler (Sar) 10:38.92. 55 hurdles – Molly Dicaprio (Guild) 9.27, Kyra Gregoire (Shen) 9.33, Caitlin Barrow (Shen) 9.49.  4×200 relay – Shenendehowa (Rachel Sterle, Antonia Brancato, Lauren Daigle, Haylee Evertsen), 1:51.83, Shaker, 1:53.40, Bethlehem, 1:53.49. 4×400 relay – Shenendehowa (Jade Dennis, Lily Digman, J. Dennis, Katelyn Jacques), 4:15.51. 4×800 relay – Saratoga Springs (Anya Belisle, Ciara Knott, Catherine Mongan, Sophie Tesla), 10:03.23, Shenendehowa, 10:11.58, Shaker, 10:17.89.

High jump – Anna Evans (Sar), 5-4, Isabella Bruno (Guild) 5-2, Abby Mack (Shen) 5-2. Pole vault – Maia Cacchione (Shen) 9-0, Aleah Smith (Shen) 9-0, Alex Fuerer (Shak) 8-0. Long jump – Isabella Bruno (Guild) 17-9.5, Michael Schaffer (Shen) 17-1.25, Lauren Anderson (Sar) 15-11.5. Triple jump – Isabella Bruno (Guild) 38-0.5, Michael Schaffer (Shen) 35-9, Julissa Forde (Shak) 35-7.75. Shot put – Madel Duchaussee (Sar) 38-4.25, Chidera Anameze (Shen) 38-0.25, Chidalu Anameze (Shen) 36-0. Weight throw – Chidera Anameze (Shen) 48-9.75, Chidalu Anameze (Shen) 46-7.25, Lily Gould (Shen) 39-4.75. 1,500 walk – Liza Johnson (Shak) 9:28.52, Helen Scott (Colon) 9:36.06, Laurie Miller (Shak) 9:42.96.


Team scores: Shenendehowa 130, Saratoga Springs 100, Colonie 94.75, Schenectady 48, Shaker 44.75, Bethlehem 38.75, Guilderland 26, Christian Brothers Academy 10, Albany 3.75.

Individual events
50 – Josiah Kemp (Colon) 6.57, Trebor Davis (Schen) 6.67, Michael Hermance (Colon) 6.76. 300 – Michael Hermance (Colon) 38.10, Colin Tower (Shen) 38.13, Fabien DeSilva (Colon) 38.28. 600 – Ryan Postlethwait (Sar) 1:2.58, Noah Flanders (Sar) 1:27.73, Aidan Hickey (Shen) 1:28.11. 1,000 – Matt Cavaliee (Beth) 2:38.51, Nicholas Soldevere (Guild) 2:39.6 – Ryan Postlethwait (Sar) 1:2.58, Noah Flanders (Sar) 1:27.73, Aidan Hickey (Shen) 1:28.11. 1,000 – Matt Cavaliee (Beth) 2:38.51, Nicholas Soldevere (Guild) 2:39.64, Ezra Ruggles (Sar) 2:39.94. 1,600 run – Shea Weilbaker (Sar) 4:31.91, Ezra Ruggles (Sar) 4:33.17, Alex Hislop (Shen) 4:35.26. 3,200 – Shea Weilbaker (Sar) 9:54.10, T.J. Randall (Shak) 9:58.35, Gregory  Langone (Shen) 10:03.24. 55 hurdles – Josiah Kemp (Colon) 7.70, Corey Anderson (Schen) 7.86, Cristian Hubbard (Colon) 7.91. 4×200 relay – Colonie (Halian McQueen, Michael Hermance, Andy Tucker, Fabien DeSilva), 1:37.46, Shenendehowa, 1:38.15, Schenectady, 1:38.61. 4×400 relay ­ Saratoga Springs (Payton Baldwin, Tom Bradley, Braden Flanders, Noah Flanders), 3:38.76, Bethlehem, 3:41.09, Colonie, 3:42.08. 4×800 relay – Shenendehowa (Nolan Hickey, Lorenzo Bianchi, Griffin Cooke, Gregory Langone), 8:24.40, Saratoga Springs, 8:26.73, Shaker, 8:36.93.

High jump – Ethan Foster (CBA) 6-0, Nick Flanagan (Colon) 6-0, Tanner Makowski (Guild) 5-8. Pole vault – Eli Sleasman (Shak) 13-0, Braden Flanders (Sar) 11-6, Matt Levasalmi (Beth) 11-6. Long jump – Reynaldo Reid (Shak) 22-5, Brett Morse (Sar) 21-2, Colin Tower (Shen) 21-1.75. Triple jump – Colin James (Schen) 44-10.7, Jordon Kimbrough (Guild) 44-8, Colin Tower (Shen) 44-1.5. Shot put – Kyle Gregor (Shen) 51-5, Adrian Sanders (Schen) 50-6, Zachary Trump (Shen) 49-4.5 Weight throw – N. Seidou-Bakari (Colon) 62-7.5, Andrew Stein (Beth) 60-0, Mahdi Elsawi (Sar) 50-3.


Team scores: Greenwich 151, Stillwater 74, Hoosic Valley 54, Tamarac 46, Maple Hill 48, Taconic Hills  26, Cambridge 22, Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons 21, Fonda-Fultonville 20, Rensselaer 16, Whitehall 14, Cairo-Durham 6, Voorheesville 2, Waterford-Halfmoon 1, Berne-Knox-Westerlo 1.

Individual events
55 – Faith Nelson (Ren) 7.87, Bre McLaughlin (Still) 8.10, Alyssa McClurg (Tam) 8.12. 300 – Amelia Cametto (TH) 44.80, Julia Pugliese (MH) 45.10, Faith Nelson (Ren) 45.81. 600 – Quinn Collins (Green) 1:44.52, Emily Skiff (Green) 1:48.19, Emma Cronin (Green) 1:49.13. 1,000 – Nina Sgambelluri (Green) 3:14.74, Brooke Wright (Green) 3:17.70, Anna Headwell (Cam) 3:18.32. 1,500 – Brynne Wright (Green) 4:58.23, Nina Sgambelluri (Green) 5:01.68, Brooke Wright (Green) 5:08.76. 3,000 – Brynne Wright (Green) 11:03.63, Teagan Wright (Green) 11:27.50, Annabel Gregg (Green) 11:51.16. 55 hurdles – Areyanna Crumple (ND-BG) 8.82, Lucia D’Acchille (Green) 9.11, Clare Howard (TH) 9.78. 4×200 relay – Greenwich (Antonia Levitar, Quinn Collins, Sophia Traver, Keegan Collins), 1:57.84, Stillwater 1:58.47, Tamarac, 1:58.92. 4×400 relay – Greenwich (Emily Skiff, Nina Sgambelluri, Brynne Wright, Quinn Collins), 4:31.08, Cambridge, 4:44.88, Stillwater, 4:46.25. 4×800 relay – Greenwich (Emily Skiff, Annabel Gregg, Teagan Wright, Emma Cronin), 10:43.35, Maple Hill, 11:09.79, Cambridge, 11:19.38.

High jump – Mackenzie Barcomb (Tam) 4-10, Zoe Eggleston (White) 4-8, Emma Helfrich (ND-BG) 4-6. Pole vault – Paige Brinsko (Still) 9-6, Michelle Hutter (Tam) 7-6, Jenna Hunt (Tam) 7-0. Long jump – Julia Pugliese (MH) 16-6.7 Kelly Morgan (Still) 15-9.5, Lily Russo (TH) 15-6. Triple jump – Lauren Reed (HV) 34-0.75, Kelly Moran (Still) 34-0.5, Julia Pugliese (MH) 33-11.75. Shot put – Victoria Jarosz (HV) 32-10.75, Sicily Akyiano (Still) 28-5.25, Christina Markiewicz (C-D) 29-1. Weight throw – Victoria Jarosz (HV) 32-5, Sarah Sheldon HV) 27-0.25, KC Champagne (Tam) 26-3. 1,500 race walk – Katie Rose (HV) 8:06.75, Olivia Snell (Green) 9:17.15, Jayna Patrick (Still) 10:27.81.

Team scores: Stillwater 141, Fonda-Fultonville 72, Greenwich 61.5, Maple Hill 56, Waterford-Halfmoon 53, Hoosic Valley 26, Rensselaer 18, Voorheesville 14, Tamarac 12, Mechanicville 10, Granville 9, Watervliet 8, Whitehall 5, Cairo-Durham 4, Cambridge 2, Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons 1.5.

Individual events
55 – Joe Conti (Still) 7.00, Jamai Woodberry (W’vliet) 7:08, Connor Smith (Gren) 7.10. 300 – Colin Ratelle (HV) 39.52, Myles Anderson (FF) 40.07, Harry Birchmore (Gran) 40.08. 600 – Erik Sicko (Still) 1:33.16, Miles Anderson (FF) 1:33.35, Trevor Cline (FF) 1:35.92. 1,000 – Henry Goca (Ren) 2:45.94, Peyton Howard (Green) 2:52.21, Michel Ghorayeb (Still) 3:00.73. 1,600 – Peyton Howard (Green) 4:43.75, Henry Goca (Ren) 4:44.21, Shane Viscosi (FF) 5:12.01. 3,200  – Shane Viscosi (FF) 11:27.24, Joe Yusaitis (Still) 11:27.69, Zachary Soden (W-H) 11:42.33. 55 hurdles – Adam Leonard (W-H) 8.30, Bryan Jacobs (MH) 8.33, Seth Roberts (MH) 8.35. 4×200 relay – Maple Hill (Thatcher Deyoe, Bryan Jacobs, Seth Roberts Eric Steffeck), 1:41.06, Greenwich, 1:43.23, Stillwater, 1:44.49. 4×400 relay – Stillwater (Joe Yusaitis, Nelan Sanchez, Erik Sicko, Tim Buchal), 3:53.60, Greenwich, 3:55.7, Maple Hill, 3:59.13. 4×800 relay – Fonda-Fultonville (Trevor Cline, Ryan Schopmeier, Liam Viscosi, Shane Viscosi), 9:00.30, Stillwater, 9:03.18, Hoosic Valley, 10:28.78.

High jump – Brian Bauer (W-H) 6-0, Adam Leonard (W-H) 5-10, Josh Ackerly (HV) 5-6. Pole vault – Carter Petersen (FF) 10-6, Damon Brownell (Green) 10-6, Daniel Genier (White) 9-6. Long jump – Dylan Moran (Still) 20-10.25, Adam Leonard (W-H) 20-6, Thatcher Deyoe (MH) 19-4. Triple jump – Dylan Moran (Still) 41-2, Seth Roberts (MH) 39-9.5, Brian Bauer (W-H) 39-0.5. Shot put – Jacob Gonzalez (Mech) 43-5.25, Adam Floutz (Still) 38-3.5, Jeremy Koyal (Still) 36-9.25. Weight throw – Tino Halse (Still) 39-9, Jeremy Koval (Still) 37-

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