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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Feb. 19

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Ballston Spa mayoral candidate Larry Woolbright, a retired Siena College biology professor, and his wife Meg.
Ballston Spa mayoral candidate Larry Woolbright, a retired Siena College biology professor, and his wife Meg.

Take party politics out of Ballston Spa

It was disappointing to learn that Larry Woolbright declined the Democratic Party nomination for Ballston Spa mayor. The statement released in explanation of his decision rings hollow. 

It asserts that “politics cannot take center stage to what is most important, getting our finances in order.” Mr. Woolbright’s actions speak louder than his words. Rather than embracing the nomination as an indication of his commitment to that principle, he has chosen partisanship.

Apparently, it’s more important to be seen as the Republican candidate for mayor than to welcome the votes of those who prefer to vote Democratic. 

Mr. Woolbright’s statement also insults the intelligence of the electorate whose votes he seeks. 

Does he truly believe that Ballston Spa voters are so gullible the they will vote a straight ticket because the Democratic line is first on the ballot? The Democratic Party has fielded well-qualified candidates for the position of trustees who have made specific proposals to address the financial mess that village finds itself in. 

Let voters judge the candidates on their merits, not their party affiliation. The financial crisis in the village developed on the Republican Party’s watch. Spurning the overture of the Democratic Party in this election is a step in the wrong direction. Sadly, it’s politics as usual.
Bill McPherson
Ballston Spa


Our problems lie in believing in Trump

In Mr. Callahan’s Feb. 12 letter regarding political division and blaming someone who isn’t even in politics at the moment shows his own discourse and division. 

He shows how his one-sided conservatism rules his thinking. In his thinking, the votes of all the citizens in two of our states, California and New York, s shouldn’t even count because they are “ liberal” states.

 I guess that’s his definition of democracy. Then he mentions putting partisan politics aside, then blames only one side for all our problems. There have been 34 indictments so far of this president’s people, constant lying and misleading statements to the American people every day, not through the press, but directly through his tweets and speeches, and constant belittling and bullying. Yet he blames our country’s discourse on others? Our country’s biggest problem lies in people who keep believing in this deplorable man.
Randy Hayner


State does address problem gambling

Responsible gambling isn’t just a buzzword for the members of New York’s Gaming Association. 

Our video gaming facilities and casinos welcome an examination of gambling addiction services, which state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli called for in his most recent audit (“Foss: State ill prepared to address problem gambling,” Feb. 6). But we are already committed to comprehensive responsible gaming programs. 

As members of the National Council on Problem Gaming, NYGA’s video gaming facilities and casinos strictly adhere to established practices to ensure a safe environment that protects patrons. We deliver comprehensive training to staff to identify at-risk patrons, provide support and educational services to patrons, and have exclusion policies in place to help people battling addiction.

At the same time, please don’t dismiss the positive impact that the gaming industry is having across our region and state. 

NYGA facilities now employ over 5,500 employees, including 620 at Saratoga Casino Hotel, and we’re delivering on the promise of gaming expansion.

All told, the industry can reliably claim a total economic impact for the state of $2.5 billion for 2017. And for every $10 spent at a casino, over $4 goes back to funding New York schools. 

Video gaming facilities and casinos are proud to provide resources for the education of New York’s children, make it easier for New Yorkers to raise families, and support vibrant communities.
Michael Kane
The writer is the president of the New York Gaming Association.

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