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Town of Clifton Park forms Community Action Fund


CLIFTON PARK — The Town of Clifton Park has created a new program focused on providing funding opportunities to local nonprofits that will, in turn, use the funding to support their own community-based programs.

The Clifton Park Community Action Fund will offer an opportunity for community nonprofit organizations to apply for funding to support programs and projects that result in a tangible benefit to Clifton Park and its residents, according to a news release from the town.

Financial support for the Community Action Fund will be generated by the acceptance of bottles and cans that can be redeemed for a deposit when recycled. Donations to the fund will be accepted at two locations: the recycling center at the Clifton Park Transfer Station and the Bottle and Can Redemption Center located at 1208 State Route 146, adjacent to Cartwheels Gymnastics Center.

All bottles and cans that can be redeemed for a deposit may be donated to the program. The Community Action Fund program, according to the town, is still in initial planning stages. An application process is being developed that nonprofits will have to go through to have a shot at the funds collected throughout the year.

Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett, Councilwoman Lynda Walowit, and other community representatives will form a committee that will be responsible for making recommendations on the application procedure to the Town Board.

That committee will also review and process submitted applications, which will receive further consideration by the Town Board.

Applications must be sent in to the town by Sept. 30. Only organizations located in Clifton Park can apply for funding, and requests will be limited to $1,000.

It is unclear at this point what other criteria organizations must meet to receive funding, or how much total funding will be available. An organization can apply in conjunction with individuals affiliated with the group.

Only nonprofit organizations may apply and the program will not accept individual applications unaffiliated with an organization. A full description of the program details will be release by the town following the formalization of the application process.

Donations are being accepted.

“The more redeemable bottles and cans we collect the more money we can invest in our community. Working together on this simple task undertaken by many people on a regular basis will make our community stronger. This is a simple opportunity to help each other, one nickel at a time” said Barrett in a prepared statement.

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