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Fulton County Sheriff warns of phone scams after two fall victim

Both victims lost money, one $8,200, officials say

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about two different kinds of phone scams that took in county residents as victims recently.

In one case, the victim lost more than $8,000. In the other, the victim lost $1,800, despite multiple warnings from others that it was a scam, officials said.

“The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is asking all residents to be alert and aware of potential scams and to contact their families or law enforcement prior to completing any such transfer of funds to an
individual under these similar circumstances,” the department said in a news release.

In the first scam, the caller identified himself as a Microsoft Windows Customer Service representative and claimed to have a refund for the person reached. The scammer then convinced the victim to give out the victim’s checking account information. The scammer later convinced the victim he had deposited too much in the account and that the only way for the scammer/caller to keep from losing his job was to get the money back, officials said.

The way to do that, the scammer told the victim, was to purchase Google Play gift cards and read the numbers to the scammer. The victim did so, twice, officials said, purchasing 13 such gift cards worth $500 each in one transaction. Stores will often warn customers of such scams, but the clerk the victim encountered did not, officials said.

In the second case, the caller claimed to be the victim’s grandchild who had been arrested in New Jersey and needed bail money. A man identifying himself as the supposed grandchild’s attorney then contacted the victim and eventually asked for $1,800 to be wired to Florida. 

That victim attempted to transfer the money, but was advised multiple times by one store that it was a scam. The victim then found a business that would transfer the money. When the scammers tried to get more money, the victim then called his grandson direct and learned he was safe at home in Amsterdam, officials said.

Anyone who has received similar phone calls or has been a victim of such scams, or with information on the incidents, is asked to contact the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department at (518) 736-2100.


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