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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Feb. 28

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Separatists just pandering to base

I was disheartened recently to see Sens. Jim Tedisco and Daphne Jordan pull out the fear and divisive Trump card by announcing it may be time to break up the great state of New York.

Does this mean that if several states in the Midwest decided they don’t agree with the urban populations of the East and West coasts, they should be encouraged to separate from the Union and form a different country?

This antic is sickening and a further way to divide us.

These politicians know this separatist’s cry will not work economically, but are using it as a way to only pacify their base, not unite this state.

As my beloved seventh-grade social studies teacher once told me: Stay engaged, stay involved, stay informed. That’s how a democracy works. It wasn’t too long ago when we had a Republican governor. But since, the party has been in disarray. And instead of reorganizing and getting qualified candidates to run, they revert to fear mongering, separatists’ antics. How disheartening and disappointing of my representatives.
Aaron Hull


Provide actual cost of trash disposal

While remembering radio newscaster Paul Harvey, the residents and taxpayers of Montgomery County are waiting to hear, “The Rest of the Story.”

A few years back, Montgomery County and Fulton County entered into an agreement whereby Montgomery County could ship its trash and refuse to the Fulton County landfill at a very respectable rate.

GottaDo Contracting would do the haulage. One of the “common-sense” stipulations that Fulton County required was that Montgomery County not bring into the deal garbage from outside the county.

Unable to resist a money-making scheme by doing just that, tens of thousands of tons of excess garbage went from Montgomery County to the Fulton County landfill.

Eventually apparently Fulton County caught on to what was happening and shut down the deal with Montgomery County. Montgomery County had to find another home for its trash. 

It did, in the Seneca Meadows landfill, some 100 miles away. GottaDo Contracting was brought in to do the haulage.

Here’s the rub. Montgomery County legislators and County Executive Matt Ossenfort are falling over themselves explaining the great deal they got to haul the trash. What they are not telling us is what it costs to dump the garbage in Seneca Meadows. The numbers posted in the newspapers are not the true cost of getting rid of our garbage.

Give us the complete story, with all the numbers, so we can make a true evaluation as to what our so-called representatives are doing, or not doing in Fonda.

Mr. Ossenfort, it’s time to come clean with Montgomery County’s Garbage-gate.
Earl F. Spencer


No special treatment for undocumented

Why do Democrats and liberals hate America and Americans?

Why do immigrants here illegally come before Americans? Why are immigrants here illegally protected while Americans are killed by many who have been deported with criminal records?

Why are these immigrants allowed to come here and overcrowd our schools, hurting their time with teachers that they need and deserve? This is extremely unfair to students and teachers.

Why do immigrants in the country illegally receive welfare benefits, free medical, free food stamps, and housing at Americans’ expense?

Every Democrat/liberal who supports open borders and letting all undocumented immigrants in should have their addresses and phone numbers published so they can stay with them. They should also have all fences taken down from their property and locks removed from houses.

How many more Americans or people here legally have to die at the hands of undocumented immigrants? One is too many.

The Left is so concerned with separation of kids from their families temporarily. Where is the concern for the permanent separation of those killed by immigrants here illegally? There is none. Attorneys general, governors and mayors are supposed to uphold laws. Why do they protect immigrants who are here illegally?
Bonnie Decker

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