DEC says rabies found in eastern Adirondacks

Rabies reported in three towns in eastern Essex County

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ADIRONDACKS — The state Department of Environmental Conservation is urging people to be alert for signs of rabid behavior in wildlife in the eastern Adirondacks.

Reports of wildlife acting in an unusual or aggressive manner toward people or pets have led to positive rabies tests in Moriah, Crown Point and Ticonderoga, all in the eastern Adirondacks of Champlain Valley. Among wild animals in the area, raccoons are most affected.

Wild animals infected with rabies may act tame, sick or unusually aggressive. These animals may also exhibit symptoms such as staggering, convulsions, choking, and frothing at the mouth, or make unusual sounds. Animals behaving strangely should be reported to DEC Region 5 Dispatch at 518-891-0235.

Rabies is caused by a virus that attacks the central nervous system, which almost always leads to death unless treatment is provided soon after exposure. Rabies affects mammals, including domestic pets, livestock and humans, but is primarily found in wild animals.

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