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Letters to the Editor for Friday, April 12

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One political party is hurting the country
At this time, there is a party that is not good for our country. 
It embraces identity politics as its instrument to create a coalition of diverse groups that often claim victimization and injustice at nearly every turn. It is a divisive strategy that breeds anger and discontent.
This party utilizes ideology and emotion as its vanguard. It does not allow pragmatism, facts or ignorance to lead them away from its preferred narrative. Differences of opinion be damned. Disagreement marks you as the enemy.
At their core, party members celebrate diversity over merit. Most of academia perpetuates this tenet. However, real-world application values skill and ability over appearance. Diversity is delusional.
This party promotes increasing dependency on the government. 
As the less-skilled and less-fortunate become more reliant on government services, so does their voting loyalty. This control leads to generational power. The presentation is sold as altruistic when, in fact, it is the methodology by which the ruling class maintains the status quo.
Most importantly, this is a party that fails to promote a positive message. It has proven to be more interested in investigating than legislating. Their anti-Trump obsession completely dominates their political perspective. Where are the policies and platforms to move the country forward? I suppose the suggested redistribution of wealth will alleviate economic injustice. Their version of Robin Hood will be perceived to bring fairness between the haves and the have-nots. This may not rest well with the earners. Is this your party?
John Myers
Rotterdam Junction
ESPN crossed line on injury coverage
After what I saw during the NCAA women’s championship game on April 7, I would say ESPN is absolutely disgusting — a pariah and worse.
One, a player from Baylor went down with a bad injury near the end of the third quarter. While she was obviously in agony and being attended to on the floor, ESPN had a camera on the floor trying to get video of her. The Baylor coach was very smart, positioning herself so the camera could not show the player’s face.  
Two, as the player was being taken to the locker room in a wheelchair by the medical staff, ESPN again had a camera in the corridor leading to the locker room and was providing a live feed that was put on the air. 
This type of treatment of a kid is beyond disrespectful and shows that the media has no boundaries in this nation. They are disgusting.
Further — and this goes to the NCAA, too — at the break between the third and fourth quarters of the game, the national championship game, a goofball reporter from ESPN was on the floor interviewing the Baylor coach. The coach had better things to do, like coach her team at probably the biggest moment of the season. I’m sure the contract between the NCAA (another ship of fools) and the media provides that coaches will be made available for interviews during games. Bad, bad, bad.
Dr. John Metallo
Trump’s lies. We’ve heard them before
Yogi Berra must have had Donald Trump in mind when he said, “It’s déjà vu all over again!” I remember Trump telling us, “I have a health plan you will love” and on day one it will get done. This is just one of Trump’s ramblings, as he also said, “I know more than the generals.” Again, on day one he would give us a plan to get our troops home and ISIS will be defeated in two weeks. On and on he went with promises he could not keep, and I believe he never intended to keep.
Yogi was right about déjà vu; it does happen all over again. It has now been two years-plus that Trump took office and he once more is telling us he will give us a “Health Plan that is better than anything we ever had.” He is also telling us ISIS is defeated, when in fact our generals are telling us ISIS is alive and well. Like Pinocchio, Trump continues to lie, and there are actually people that believe him even after his boasts never came to fruition. Instead of his nose growing, I do see more wrinkles and hair thinning. Seniors on Medicare owe a lot to the ACA, as it brought benefits such as care for existing medical conditions. Trump seeks to do away with the ACA to fill the pockets of insurance companies while taking away insurance from 20 million Americans. Déjà vu, you can bet on it!
Gary Philip Guido

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