Schenectady neighborhood groups ready clean-up efforts

Neighborhood associations will hit the streets on Saturday

SCHENECTADY — Neighborhood associations will hit the streets on Saturday for springtime community clean-up efforts.

Here’s what’s going on in different neighborhoods.


Volunteers are sought for Hamilton Hill Community Clean-Up Day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. 

Residents, community organizations, churches and businesses are encouraged to join and meet at Jerry Burrell Park. 

Gloves, bags and brooms will be provided, and participants are encouraged to bring rakes and shovels.

Volunteers will also paint fire hydrants.

“It’s always been a very nice event,” said Hamilton Hill Neighborhood Association President Marva Isaacs. “I’m very proud of the Hamilton Hill Neighborhood Association for coming out there and doing everything for the people and making our community look good.”

Isaacs also praised SUNY Schenectady County Community College students and business owners along Albany Street who have traditionally provided strong support for past initiatives.


The second annual Northside of Schenectady Cleanup Day runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Attendees are asked to meet at Marty’s True Value at 1751 Van Vranken Ave.

A team of 25 volunteers cleaned a stretch of Van Vranken Avenue and portions of Avenues A and B last year, as well as side streets, filling an entire Dumpster, said event organizer Joe Aragosa. 

He hopes more volunteers will result in an expansion of their coverage area.

“It’s looking promising,” Aragosa said. “It’s looking like we have a little more volunteers this year.”

Schenectady ROTC and Schenectady Fire Department support were critical to last year’s efforts, he said.

“I want to take care of my own neighborhood,” said Aragosa, who hopes organized clean-up efforts will catch on citywide.

Trash bags and gloves will be provided.


Volunteers participating in Woodlawn Park’s Annual Community Volunteer Day are asked to meet at Woodlawn Park at 9 a.m.

Rakes, brooms and work gloves will be provided.

In addition to general cleanup work, organizers will set up summer infrastructure at the park, including volleyball nets. 

The effort, now in its eighth year, is part of broader community-organized changes at Woodlawn Park by the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association and local residents. 

“When we first started, the park was a total mess,” said Spero Zoulas. “We put in thousands of person hours at the park during bringing it back to its glory.”

The former pool was overgrown with vines; other structures were graffiti-marred.

“It was a pretty scary site when we first came in 2011,” Zoulas said. “It was not a park where children and families went to frequently.”

Efforts were bolstered when a benefactor donated $1,000 for clean-up efforts.

The association recently worked with the city to identify needs in a redevelopment session, and is preparing to roll out several projects this year, including a spray pad.


In addition, the Eastern Avenue Neighborhood Association will distribute reusable bags donated by Price Chopper on Saturday from Tribute Park to Nott Terrace, said city Director of Operations Alex Sutherland.

The city is coordinating with all three events, providing supplies and resources.

City staff will also put in extra hours cleaning right of ways and city-owned distressed properties, Sutherland said. 

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