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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, April 27

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Beaver problem in Preserve is complex
The beavers in the Woodlawn Preserve have generated concern over the past few weeks. We’ve  heard from beaver supporters from as far away as California and local folks as well. 
The pond in the Preserve is a municipal retention pond designed in the 1970s to control flooding in the Woodlawn neighborhood. The last few years were very problematic, with the city expending quite a bit of time, effort and money to keep the culvert that drains the pond clear due to increased beaver activity. 
The state Department of Environmental Conservation was consulted, and its suggestions included breaching the dams on the Rotterdam side of the culvert, trapping to reduce the population, and replacing the current drainage grate with a different type of baffle.
The decision to reduce the population was made by the city (not the Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve) following recommendations and permits from the DEC. But a new flow-control device isn’t the only solution to the problems the beavers are causing. 
Trees are a beaver’s food source, and besides chewing down a tree, they also strip it of its bark, resulting in tree death. Solutions include wrapping trees with wire or fencing off areas of trees to prevent them from being targeted by the beavers.
Knowing that the beaver population will again increase, the city is continuing to explore more options under the guidance of the DEC, and we will continue to advocate for a different type of flow device to better control the water level.
If you really care about the beavers and the Preserve, please join us in our efforts.
Janet Chen
The writer is the chair of the Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve.
Headline flipped the intention of report
The Gazette headline on April 19 reported a masterful example of word engineering. Mr. Mueller, after two years of diligent effort to uncover criminal activity on the part of President Trump, had failed to “clear” him. As if their original mission was to prove him innocent. What happened to our judicial system’s tenet of “presumed innocent until proven guilty?” Ah, revenge is so sweet.
Jim Norris
Clifton Park
Stop wasting time investigating Trump
It’s about time the Democrats that were voted into office stop wasting taxpayers’ money and start working with our president. Get a life. Leave the president’s family alone. Read my lips, no collusion. What part don’t you understand? Do the job you were voted in for — solving America’s problems and make America proud again. Don’t you think it’s about time you get off your high horse? I pray that God punishes you for not standing up to the baby killers. Democrats want Trump’s tax returns for the past six years. Well maybe he should make them do the same. Why aren’t they investigating the Democrats’ tax returns? The president has a great idea. Send all of the illegal immigrants to the sanctuary cities and start with Pelosi in California. Have free college education only for the children of those serving our country.
Another thing: Plastic bags are destroying our oceans and creatures. People should be charged 5 or 10 cents. Or they can bring them back and reuse them. They have reusable bags you can get and keep on using them. Or the stores can supply them with paper bags, which are biodegradable. Stop littering our country. 
James Maxfield

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