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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, April 28

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Waiting for action on Holocaust memorial

As Will Rogers said (for those that know who Will Rogers was), “All I know is what I read in the newspapers.”

So about a year or so has gone by and no movement on a Holocaust memorial. At least no mention of it in The Gazette.

We have people rallying for a thousand workers of St. Clare’s. We have Gazette writers extolling the virtues of eliminating plastic straws. However, we have nothing about the 6 million-plus who died in the 1940s and the millions who have since been slaughtered. Even with last week’s killing of Christians in Sri Lanka, there’s no movement on a memorial. 

Come on Niskayuna. Come on Schenectady. Make a mark. Show the state that this is an important issue and get it done. As was stated in the movie “Field of Dreams,” if you build it, they will come.
Bob Nicolella


Replace songs with sound of sleigh bells

Easter has past and spring is sprung. One of the rituals of the warming season is the roving ice cream truck.

Do they really need to continuously play irritating ditties that can drive people within hearing range to exasperation?

As a youngster in New York City, the ice cream man had a simple set of sleigh bells activated by pulling a cord. Everyone within hearing knew what those sleigh bells meant and where the truck was parked. 

The bells even conjured up the cooling image of a cold cone or Popsicle, all without assaulting our ears with an ear worm that infests our minds for hours to come.

Surely, the Mister Ding-a-Ling trucks and the like could install a sleigh bell sound in place of interminable repetitions of “It’s a Small World.” Sitting outdoors would be so much more pleasant.
Thomas P. Herrmann


Barr is a disgrace as U.S. attorney general

How low can we set the “Barr” for the Trump presidency? I have come to accept the fact that many Americans are surrendering their values to support a man whose policies do not always align or fall on the side of decency.

This level of support for a president whose motives are driven by narcissism is pervasive. For example, a Florida voter stated that “Trump is a despicable human being, but I will vote from him.” 

However, the most disturbing illustration of this support is the performance of Attorney General William Barr.

I’m horrified that Barr, who was appointed by Trump as the 85th United States attorney general, has morphed into his personal attorney. 

We all know that he publicly auditioned for the job of attorney general by telling Donald Trump what he wanted to hear. This occurred in Barr’s 2017 op-ed defending Trump’s decision on the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. 

Again, in 2018, Barr wrote another defense of the president stating that, “The chief executive is lawfully empowered to interfere with investigations and fire inferiors.” 

Possibly as a private citizen, Barr’s intense support of Trump occurred with the promise of a role in the administration. Were his memos totally unsolicited or was there a sinister plot to hire Barr with the goal of protecting Trump? 

Regardless of the circumstances that brought Barr to the role of the attorney general, he has forever tainted and dishonored the office of United States attorney general.  
Maxine Brisport


Mueller witch hunt a waste of time, money

The Mueller report is out at last. 

Well, after a couple years of serious political theater, the report is out. Of course, the Democrats want more. I knew that was going to happen, they have to have some nonsense to impress their less than astute followers. How much has this partisan nonsense cost the taxpayers and what has it done?

The usual people are bloviating about it wholesale.

Talk about a witch hunt or Kangaroo court. For what it’s worth, I think the Democratic National Committee (DNC) owes us the cost of all this waste of time and money and move on to something the taxpayers of this country want and not all the leftist, commie, progressive things they seem to be so proud of.

Oh, I cannot forget the other half of this debacle, that is the so-called “fair and balanced media” that really is the rabble-rousing publicity-raising arm of the DNC.

If the “fair and balanced media” had spent one-tenth of the time and money spent in persecuting Trump and done its job, we never would have been stuck with Obama; he never would have gotten the nomination.

Same for the goddess of the media, Hillary. She would be in jail for all she has done. Benghazi, her so-called foundation, the nonsense of missing Haiti money, violating secrecy of important items, are just a few things.
David G. DeMarco

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