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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, May 7

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Dems would have gotten better result

I read with some amusement Mr. DeMarco’s April 28 letter about those of us he called “less than astute.”

I had thought that one of Mr. Trump’s campaign points was his decided lack of political correctness. Or possibly the writer’s purpose was to showcase his own advanced vocabulary.

However, this “less than astute” person knows at least two things:

1) The term “kangaroo court” implies a procedure with a predetermined outcome.

Mr. Mueller is, by all accounts, a decent, fair and honorable man who has spent his adult life in service to this country and to whom the idea of a kangaroo court would be anathema.

And, clearly, if the Democrats had been looking for a predetermined outcome it would, surely, be a happier one than the one we got.

At the very least we could have hoped for a surcease from the president’s moronic tweet storms (my tribute to political incorrectness).

2) Only Fox uses the motto “Fair and Balanced.”

That’s hardly the network I would call the publicity arm of the DNC.
Debra Kenfield


Trump shows that evil really does exist

I don’t believe in gods or monsters. Anything can be explained using scientific evidence. We speak of good and evil as if the condition is preordained.

If we examine history, including our current political policies, we see the only evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men.

I give you President Trump. If anyone represents evil, it’s him. He thinks he’s a game show host with a superior intellect. 

He thinks he’s smarter than all the other world leaders, and he will be able to bend and shape the world to fit his own needs. 

He values money and the accumulation of more wealth, proof of his superiority.

This is how he validates himself.

He’s a weak and feckless man, hopefully his reign will soon end.
Paul Santo

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