EDITORIAL: Honor fallen officers

Police officers put their lives at risk every day to protect us
The New York State Police Memorial at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.
The New York State Police Memorial at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

Trooper Nicholas F. Clark, Patrolman Kevin F. Crossley, Sgt. Jeremy J. VanNostrand, Chief of Detectives William H. Allee, Detective Sixto Almonte, Trooper Michael J. Anson, Police Officer Curtis J. Bako, Detective Thomas J. Barnitt, Superintendent Wayne E. Bennett, Capt. Carmine C. Cantalino, Police Officer Wilfredo Carradero, Detective Megan K. Carr-Wilks, Sgt. Christopher M. Christodoulou, Police Officer Peter F. Curran, Police Officer Anthony D’Erasmo, Detective Pedro Esponda Jr., Police Officer William P. Farley, Sgt. James T. Farrell, Lt. Jeffrey W. Francis, Police Officer Scott M. Fusco, Detective Mark S. Gado, Police Officer Scott N. Gaines, Police Officer Anthony C. Giambra, Police Officer Dave E. Guevara, Police Officer Diane F. Halbran, Police Officer Michael J. Hance, Sgt. Michael V. Incontrera, Police Officer Gary L. Koch, Police Officer Kelly C. Korchak, Police Officer Fred J. Krines, Detective Robert F. Larke, Detective Michael L. Ledek, Police Officer Andrew J. Lewis, Police Officer Richard Lopez, Police Officer Eric T. McClain, Sgt. Colleen A. McGowan, Capt. Edward J. McGreal, Detective Mark Mkwanazi, Detective Stephen J. Mullen, Detective John K. Muller, Lt. Paul Murphy, Sgt. Anthony Napolitano, Police Officer Mark J. Natale, Police Officer Kathleen M. O’Connor, Police Officer Joseph Cavanaugh Pagnani, Police Officer Marie A. Patterson-Bohanan, Police Officer Frank J. Pizzo, Police Officer James V. Quinn, Sgt. Dennis W. Reichardt, Lt. James D. Russell, Sgt. Charles R. Salaway, Police Officer Cynthia S. Sands, Detective James A. Schiavone, Lt. Michael P. Shea, Detective Basilio A. Simons, Police Officer Robert S. Summers, Detective Sally A. Thompson, Police Officer Steven J. Tursellino, Detective Harry Valentin, Detective Dennis J. Vickery, Lt. William H. Wanser III, Detective Jennifer A. Williams, Constable William C. Gray.

These are the names of the 63 members of law enforcement who were added this week to the New York State Police Officers’ Memorial in the Empire State Plaza.

There are now 1,567 names etched on the memorial. All of these brave officers gave their lives protecting and serving New Yorkers.

Each day, thousands of police officers throughout New York and around the country put their own lives on the line in service to us and to the rule of law.

Take a moment today to honor them.

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