Woman who helped Glenville gun store heist suspects is sentenced

Schenectady woman gets nearly five years in prison
The Target Sports scene in October 2017.
The Target Sports scene in October 2017.

ALBANY – The woman who admitted to helping the two main Glenville gun store heist suspects at the scene has been sentenced to more than four years in federal prison. U.S. attorneys officials said.

Dalmary Morales, 38, of Schenectady, admitted earlier to helping Christian Roman and Jose Fontanez steal dozens of firearms from Target Sports on Route 50 in the 2017 heist, prosecutors said. 

She was sentenced to a total of 4 years, 9 months in prison at her sentencing Thursday, officials said Monday.

Morales repeatedly drove the men between her apartment and the gun store and served as a lookout at the scene as the men removed the guns, prosecutors said.

She also admitted she alerted the men that authorities were looking for them in the hours after the burglary, leading to an extended manhunt, authorities said.

Fontanez, 36, of Schenectady, and Roman, 24, of Schenectady, were arrested within two weeks of the Oct. 22-23, 2017 overnight break-in. The men broke a store window sometime after the business closed on Oct. 22 and made several trips into the building, taking the guns, ammunition and other property, prosecutors have said.

Security cameras captured the suspects on video, but no alarm sounded. Owners have said early tests didn’t find a cause for that failure, and police have previously said they believe the suspects essentially got lucky.

Roman, Fontanez and several others who assisted in the aftermath have all pleaded guilty to related crimes. Roman is to be sentenced later this month, Fontanez in August.

Some guns were recovered in Schenectady and others in Rochester, officials said in April 2018. They would not give an exact number of firearms recovered by then but estimated it was about half of those taken. None of the guns recovered had been associated with any crimes as of then, officials said. The serial number of each weapon is in a federal database.

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