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Lost kitty Ari Olson turns up

Olsons are well-known family in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Going into last weekend, Jeff and Margo Bloom Olson had given up on seeing their black-and-white long-haired cat again.

Their cat, Ari Olson, went outside the couple’s Clark Street home on Dec. 29, a Saturday evening, and wasn’t seen again. Then came the long, harsh winter. The Olsons never expected to see Ari again.

They posted a short story on Facebook, hoping a friend might have seen the cat. Dozens of people replied to the social media post, but none led to Ari.

Then Ari turned up back home on Monday.

The Olsons are well-known in Saratoga Springs, with Jeff being a professional planner who has spent a lot of time — decades, in fact — working on making Saratoga a more bike-friendly city. Margo Olson is director of the Wilton Wildlife and Nature Preserve, overseeing the care of thousands of acres in Wilton.


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