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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, May 28

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New Yorkers deserve Death with Dignity

The right to a peaceful and pain-free death is perhaps the last civil right which New Yorkers have not yet achieved.
The bills currently under debate in the state Assembly and Senate relate to this, a terminally ill patient’s right to request medication for aid in dying.
Bills A2694 and S3947 have safeguards built in so that no abuses take place.
Terminally ill patients with a prognosis of six months or less life expectancy can avail themselves of this medication after having satisfied a number of conditions that guarantee the integrity of the process. 
At this time, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have Death with Dignity statutes.
No abuses have been reported.
The citizens of those states have the peace of mind that they may avail themselves of this final human right if they wish to do so.
For many, that brings peace of mind.
New Yorkers deserve that right, too.
Eleanor Aronstein

Anoymous mailer in Nisky was cowardly

Coming late in my May 22 mail, after the school board election in Niskayuna was an unsigned card denouncing Patricia Lanotte.
I had heard about these being received, but had not yet gotten one myself.
Now that I have, I will offer my opinion.
As a now-retired teacher, I always taught my students what to me was elementary.
When you care enough to take a stand for or against something, you must sign your name to whatever it is that you are putting in writing.
To fail to do so is the act of a coward.
Please let us have no more cowardly materials sent out.
If you have something to say, put your name on it or keep your opinions to yourself.
Sally Magid

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