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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, May 29

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Why hasn’t Liberty been returned yet?

Why isn’t Lady Liberty back where she was taken from? She’s not an old relic that some are ashamed of seeing. With many recent letters to the editor of this paper decrying another example of a non-transparent McCarthy administration, we ask again: Where is Lady Liberty?
With the federal holidays fast approaching, you’d think those up for re-election would use the moment of Lady Liberty returning to the busiest corridor in the county be met with fanfare and celebrations of liberty.
Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg helped to raise $100 million for the new Statue of Liberty Museum in New York City,  which opened to the public a week ago.
It’s time for our leaders to get as hip and stop hiding behind false shame. Return Lady Liberty. 
She’s still a beacon of hope and everlasting guidance as America is known to be throughout the world. 
Gerald Plante

Ten ways to make America great again

In 2016, there really wasn’t any need to “make America great again,” but there sure is now. Here are 10 ways to do it:
Elect a commander-in-chief who isn’t a draft dodger who thinks he knows better than all the generals and admirals.
Elect a president who respects our NATO allies and intelligence agencies more than he does our enemies, such as Vladimir Putin.
Name a secretary of state who doesn’t see war as the best solution to international problems.
Name a secretary of defense who doesn’t see war as the best solution to international problems.
Name an EPA administrator who is not a lobbyist for big oil, gas and coal.
Name a U.S. attorney general who values the rule of law and the Constitution more than loyalty to a president.
Name a CIA director who was never involved in water-boarding.
Name a secretary of education who values public education over private and charter schools.
Name a secretary of energy who understands the need to greatly reduce our dependence upon fossil fuels.
Dump Trump.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

County is wrong to seize veteran’s land

Around the year 2000, the city of New London, Conn., seized private property by eminent domain and transferred it to a private developer.
The owners of the land sued in state court, arguing that the seizure violated the takings clause.
In Kelo v. City of New London, the Supreme Court in 2005 ruled 5-4 against the plaintiffs. The property sits vacant to this day.
The 5th Amendment states “… nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.” The 14th Amendment affirms its application to state and local governments.
 Now the Fulton County Board of Supervisors, the city of Johnstown and the Fulton County IDA have conspired to seize the private property of an individual, one Robert Bowe — an old, weary and sick veteran no less — and hand over a sizable chunk his property to a private developer to construct additional residences in an area where home prices are already depressed.
 “Albert O. Hirschman famously argued that citizens of democracies have only three possible responses to injustice or wrongdoing by their governments: we may leave, complain, or comply.” Jason Brennan counters in his book “When All Else Fails, the Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice” that there is fourth option,
When governments violate our rights, we may resist with acts of uncivil disobedience. We may even have a moral duty to do so.
“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” -Edmund Burke
Charles Heimerdinger

Thankful for help   in car-bike accident

On May 26, while riding my bike in Scotia, I was struck by a motor vehicle and seriously injured.
As I was lying in the street in pain, some neighbors that I didn’t even know came out and helped in too many ways to describe.
Their kindness and generosity overwhelmed me. Special thanks to the man who gave me a pillow and a blanket and the woman who carried my broken bike home.
The EMS crew from the Scotia Fire Department was competent and thoughtful, as was the Glenville policeman at the scene. 
The same can be said about the emergency room crew at Ellis Hospital, kind, efficient and nice. 
In the crazy and divisive world we live in these days, the kindness and generosity of my Scotia neighbors gives me hope for the future. Thank you all. 
Bill Scheuerman

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