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Scotia-Glenville’s Mary Kate Palleschi during a game last year.
Scotia-Glenville’s Mary Kate Palleschi during a game last year.

SPORTS, Grades 3–6, 1st Place

Hey! Did you hear about what’s been happening in Scotia-Glenville athletics?

Basketball – The JV girls’ basketball game was exciting, even before it started! The Hudson Falls bus got a flat tire halfway to Scotia-Glenville High School. Mr. Schreiner, Glendaal Elementary School’s gym teacher, was running the clock. Good job, Mr. Schreiner! The actual game was a showdown! Maddy, from Scotia, made a basket with the defender trying to block her. The defender was twice her size, but she still scored. The Tartans won 40 to 32. This was their third win of the season.

The modified girls’ basketball team won against Amsterdam. The score was 44 to 21. A former student from Glendaal, Shannon was sitting on the bench with a fractured ankle. Another former Glendaal student, Hailey, made a charge in the first half. (According to my dad, a charge occurs when a dribbler charges into a defender who has already established his/her position.) These people are Tartan strong!

Soccer – Recently the 50FC Soccer U12 girls team played Niskayuna indoors at Halfmoon Sportsplex. Although they lost, they put up a good game. The score was 3-2. In another game, the 50Fc U12 soccer girls team played Halfmoon and won 1-0. A girl named Kassandra was responding to her coach when the goalie kicked the ball as hard as she could and hit Kassandra in the jaw. Her mouth was open. She fell down crying and crawled off to the sideline. She sat out the rest of the game. She decided to go to the doctor …. And I haven’t seen her since.

Lacrosse – The 8th-grade boys Ghost indoor lacrosse team had a game the next day, but there was no score. You might be wondering why and there’s a good explanation. The game was looking good until during one play, a Ghost player was checked in the arm by a much bigger player. He fell to the ground screaming and crying. The ambulance was called, and the game was over. The Ghost team walked off the field, stopping the game before the end. Some people thought his arm was broken, but luckily it was just a contusion on his arm.

That’s a wrap for our sports. I will see you next time.

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