Assigned seating in the cafeteria creates more chaos than good

Kids should be able to sit with their friends

OPINION, Grades 3–6, Honorable Mention

Have you ever thought assigned seats in the cafeteria is not fun and you wish that you didn’t have assigned seats? Kids think that assigned seats are great or fun. Others think kids shouldn’t have assigned seating in cafeteria. I think kids shouldn’t have assigned seats in the cafeteria.

I think kids should not have assigned seats because this could lead to arguments. For example, kids would fight because they are sitting next to or near a kid that they fight or argue with. Another example is that kids would fight and argue about where they sat. Also, kids would be arguing, fighting and being very loud and the lunch helpers would constantly keep on saying “Quiet down everybody.”

Also, kids should be able to sit with their friends.  “Lunch is one of the few times kids can be free to sit with friends and chat about non-school stuff,” said Mrs. Butera, a 4th-grade teacher at Okte Elementary School.

I surveyed 30 people in my school and 27 of them chose not to have assigned seats and three of them chose to have assigned seats. So, more people chose to not than to have.

Another example is if someone hasn’t seen or talked to each other, they would be able to sit together and talk about whatever they want. Compared to if you had assigned seats, they wouldn’t be able to sit together. You wouldn’t be able to talk with your friends.

Lastly, kids wouldn’t like to go to lunch. If somebody knows that the cafeteria is having assigned seats, they might be sad because they might have made plans to sit with a friend but, now they can’t because the cafeteria as assigned seats If kids found out that the cafeteria has assigned seats, they won’t be excited and people don’t want to be sad. Another example is that kids would ask to sit with their friends constantly because they don’t want assigned seats.

I think kids should definitely not have assigned seats in the cafeteria.

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