Cooking is practical, easy and, best of all, fun!

You can even learn how to make your favorite meal

NEWS/FEATURES, Grades 3–6, Honorable Mention

Have you ever wanted to cook but thought it was too hard to learn?

Well, think again! It isn’t just easy, it’s fun!

You can make meals for your family, and you will feel proud that you made them. You can make all sorts of things like cakes, cookies and casseroles. Cool, right? You can even learn how to make your favorite meal. Mine is pizza and hot dogs! Yummy!

It’s not hard to learn how to cook. The only tricky thing about cooking is the measurement abbreviations. There are only two of them and here is what they mean: Tsp stands for teaspoon and TBS stands for tablespoon.

Here are a few other tips. Remember that baking powder and baking soda are not the same thing, and you cannot use on in place of the other. Collect all of the ingredients before you start mixing. Using a large bowl also helps because you won’t spill as much on the counter.

Cooking is very easy. All you need to do is ask an adult to show you how. With some help, you will be cooking like a pro in no time!

Always have an adult help you when you will be using the oven or range for cooking so you will not get burnt. That would definitely not be fun! Also, make sure you understand the directions in the recipe before you try to make it.

I knew a family where both parents were recovering from surgery and couldn’t cook, so my mom and I cooked a meal for them and their kids. We drove to their house at dinnertime and gave it to them. They were so happy. That made us feel good too!

So grab a cookbook, head to the kitchen and get cooking!

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