Don’t be fooled by the marketing — e-cigarettes are addictive, harmful to your health

The packages with their bright exteriors are covered in false promises

OPINION, Grades 3–6, 1st Place

With all the bright colors, “yummy” flavors, and false promises, e-cigarettes are doing pretty well in the present day economy, but one question haunts the users: “Are they safe?”

We do not have a lot of data, but the little reports we do have point to no.

The packages with their bright exteriors are covered in false promises. These are still not healthy, and are highly addicting. They trick you by having young, spry, good-looking people on their advertisements. They continue to promise you their life and looks.

But, at the end of the day, these are lies. Another advertising trick! People want to grab one and take a puff. People still believe they are healthier than normal cigarettes. Some also see them as a way to quit typical cigarettes, when in reality, they are just another gateway to the world of worse drugs. The e-cigarette is just setting you up for failure.

I am an opinionated pre-teen. I feel passionate about this subject, and I feel like I can make a change. Everyone has the power. If I can change at least one person’s mind, it will be worth it. I am determined to get my point across.

The effects of these colorful e-cigarettes are more than the addiction. They can take a toll on your heart by increasing your likeliness for a heart attack. E-cigarettes will also increase your risk of lung infections. You are harming your body, but also your mind! They throw off balance and coordination, which adds to your accident risk. If you were in an accident, your reaction time can be delayed. These effects can ultimately lead to death. Taking away your anxiety with a puff can take a physical and mental toll on your body. We only have one life, so I recommend not wasting it on a colorful pen with flavors and fake promises.

People become paranoid. You can lose some of your precious memories. Bit by bit, your attention span disappears. I personally do not want to become a shadow of my former self, slowly wasting away. I want to remember all the wonderful things I have seen and done. Studies show that the nicotine in e-cigarettes will create a longing for it every second of every day. It can also cause someone to lose up to 8 points of their IQ. You are throwing away your life, but worse, you can lose your future. I want you to keep your hope, your drive, your memories, your heart, your passion, your life! If you give in, they are as good as gone!

E-cigarettes are physically and mentally addictive. They are a gateway drug leading to worse things. They can change your life, and can control your life. Stay a strong, powerful, individual like you are. Be smart, don’t start.

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