Food, drug and product testing on animals is cruel

Over 100 million animals die each year from animal testing

NEWS/FEATURES, Grades 7–9, 2nd Place

Many of the products we use daily to clean our house and ourselves seem like luxuries to us. But have you ever thought about what an animal has to go through for you to have that product? Over 100 million animals die each year from animal testing. I think that animal testing is wrong, and this is why it’s wrong.

Animals are used because they are easy to get, and they don’t have control over their own life. People against animal testing often point out that most drugs that pass the legally required toxicology tests in animals often fail in human trials. They say this proves the testing doesn’t work, and animals aren’t accurate models for humans.

For example, the Food and Drug Administration’s research shows that nine out of 10 drugs successful in animal tests report failed in human clinics. There are many non-animal test methods that can be used instead of animal testing. Not only are these tests more likely to work on humans, they also can be cheaper and faster.

I think animal testing is wrong because the United States allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, drowned, become addicted to drugs and get brain damage. Some examples of animal tests include forcing animals to inhale toxic fumes, force feeding dogs pesticides and dripping corrosive chemicals into rabbits’ eyes. Even if a product harms an animal it can still be marketed to people. No animal is safe from experimentation.

The most common animals people test on are mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish and birds. Even more are killed in U.S. labs for experiments, chemical, food, drug and cosmetics testing.

Right now, millions of these animals are locked inside barren cages I labs across the country waiting to die. They are filled with pain, suffer from extreme frustration, ache with loneliness and long to be free. While some of this testing is required by laws, most of it is not. These tests are often paid with taxpayers’ money.

In my opinion animal testing wrong and should not be done. If a product doesn’t harm an animal but fails in a human trail, then why do it anyway? If it does harm an animal, people are most likely to sell the product anyway. Therefore, I ask, why do it?

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