Music is vital for students’ education and overall well-being

Adding music to the school day has so many benefits for children

OPINION, Grades 3–6, 3rd Place

Should music be a part of every school day?

How about asking all the students in the Bellair, Ohio, elementary schools, who didn’t have music classes for eight years! And only because their school district couldn’t pay for the classes. But just this year their schools finally got enough funds and the students were thrilled!

So, should music be part of the school day? Can it really bring people together?

Well, I’ll tell you! Because I believe that music should absolutely be part of school.

For example, music can really help you! It builds character. And it is also very relaxing. Plus, from my experience, I think it frees your mind and helps let out emotions.

When we listen to music in class, or when I get to play the violin, it makes me feel calm. Also, many people agree! I did a survey in my class and 18 of 20 people say yes. And I asked some students why.

Alex from Okte Elementary School says, “Yes, because I think music motivates kids.”

Maddy adds, “I feel like music helps kids concentrate in school.”

I interviewed Miss Fountain, the orchestra teacher in Okte Elementary. She says, “Yes, music should be allowed in school.” She also adds “Because I think it helps kids feel more successful than other subjects.” Miss Fountain also says she absolutely loves being an orchestra teacher in Okte.

And I agree too. It is a thrilling experience playing the violin, and it makes me feel relaxed.

Another reason music should be in school is that scientists have proven music helps students. For example, studies have shown that music classes boost brain power. Also, researchers from the University of Southern California recently released the results of a five-year study, and they found that the brains of 10- and 11-year-olds who learned to play a musical instrument developed faster than the kids who didn’t.

Finally, research says 60 percent of parents whose kids that took music classes say their children focused more in school. Music is amazing!

I believe that absolutely every school should enjoy music. Adding music to the school day has so many benefits for children. Enjoying music can be one of the best parts of the school day for many kids.

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