Parents should be honest with their kids about the real world — to a point

A kid's inside view of our government and world

OPINION, Grades 3–6, Honorable Mention

As a kid, of course I enjoy the perks of still being one. You know, the “everything is okay” or the “don’t worry about it, Mama can handle it” perks. 

But feeling as if I am part of real life, knowing that not everything is safe or good, I like to know the inside details of what is going on in our government. I’d like to know about our conflict over other countries and our overall position in the world.

I mean, think of World War II as an example. A lot of kids were told that everything was okay and that they were safe, but the result of being lied to was terrible. Many kids were hurt because they thought their world was the one they knew and always loved. But in all honesty, I am thankful that parents try to protect their children, because that is what is supposed to happen. But I also truly believe that we should be told the truth, for our own and others’ safety.

I am writing this from the true perspective of a child, not just the assumed version. I myself look at things from a unique point, where people always have some good somewhere inside of them. But with our world today, this won’t always be true. Now I can’t tell anyone what to do, but please don’t give your kids the full 100 percent details of a terrible story, but I think letting them know a general idea of what it is going on in the world would be right. Though sometimes it gives me chills just thinking how cruel people can be sometimes, I am also thankful that I know this, so I can prevent these things from happening to me.

So in conclusion, I would like to say that I wrote this piece not as a warning, but as a friendly suggestion. Almost everyone on the Earth is a kind and loving person who wants to protect you, but in suggestion, I would be honest with my kids and raise them right. If we all stick together, then who knows where we can go. The possibilities are endless!

Just remember, your kindness can be the real reason that someone has a smile on their face today.

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