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Schoharie Public Library — the best place in town

Original Schoharie Public Library organization started in World War I

NEWS/FEATURES, Grades 3–6, 3rd Place

The original Schoharie Public Library organization started in World War I. The library itself was constructed in the 1870s, but later on, some of it burned down so they added on an additional part. It took through 2000–2006 for the add-on to be completed. They have a wide variety of books in a lot of different areas. It’s a two-story building. Downstairs there is fiction and upstairs there is nonfiction. The library is a safe and cozy place to read a book. It’s also welcoming to anyone as long as you behave appropriately.

Sixty-four-year-old Jennifer Mosher is the director of the library. She started out as an intern and worked her way up the scale to become the director of the library. She has worked there for 30 years.

Mosher’s favorite part of the job is matching a book to a person and seeing the joy of them reading the book. She loves the library so much that she calls it a home away from home. She thinks that the library is a good place for free information and there is peace and quiet. She told me the reason she works there is because she likes to help people and loves to read. She would never quit, but she does plan on retiring later in life.

If a person wants to volunteer, they are welcomed. If you were a volunteer you would put books away, check in and out books for people and put call numbers on books. Also you would do something called a fetch list, which is a list of books other libraries want to borrow and you get the books and sort them out.

I think the library is the best place in town because I love reading. I think everybody should try reading because you’ll never know if you like it if you don’t try. The library is a great place all in all and the people are friendly, you get good books, they give you a reasonable time frame to read your books and the online catalog helps you find books really fast. If you look on their website you can find the hours and events that are going on at that time.

I hope you enjoy this piece on the Schoharie Public Library.

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