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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, June 18

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Parking woes aided by ride-sharing deal 

In the June 13 Gazette, there was an article about the parking woes in the City of Saratoga Springs . 
It didn’t explain how the 48 hours versus 3 are imposed upon the hours of 9 p.m. until 9 a.m. (which for the grace of safety, tends to have a lot of overnights due to party-goers doing the right thing and taking a Lyft or Uber ride home). However, the real issue is that parking in Saratoga is bad and getting worse and what can be done about it.
Here’s an idea: In some communities in New Jersey where bedroom communities are served by the PATH train, the municipality pays a small portion for a Lyft or Uber ride for the residents of the immediate community. 
I live in Wilton and would not expect a person from my town to be included. But west-side and east-side folks, as well as perhaps Geyser Crest folks, all the constituents of the city’s tax base, would be well served by looking into how partnering with the ride-share companies could benefit  Spa City residents. 
My guess is it’s a whole lot less expensive than building concrete parking lots. And for a city with little land left to build much of anything affordable, it would serve the community well. From 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday is when this benefit is available to these Jersey folks. 
Someone explained the communities in New Jersey pay about two bucks per ride. 
Kenneth R. Garcia

Madigan has many accomplishments

Democrats in Saratoga Springs should support Michele Madigan in the primary for finance commissioner on June 25.
Since joining the City Council in 2012, when the city was in the red, Madigan has held the line on property taxes, saved significant sums by refinancing city debt and restructuring city health care, and secured a highly favorable bond rating. Also, Madigan takes action to move the city forward, as a strong council member should. 
Some examples: She‘s making Saratoga Springs the first municipality in the state to set up a high-speed fiber-optic network for residents and businesses. 
She created a Smart City Commission, bringing together major stakeholders from the city’s public and private institutions. She oversaw development of a solar park on the previous landfill on Weibel Avenue that saves the city more than $60,000 a year. She partnered with the state to fence in dog park on Crescent Street off Route 9. She initiated setting aside two city-owned properties for affordable housing built by Habitat for Humanity.  Madigan has served the city well.
Barbara Lombardo
Saratoga Springs

Kerr works hard for Milton’s residents

I am supporting Barbara Kerr in the upcoming Milton primary election. We contacted her last year about an issue in our neighborhood regarding Airbnb rentals and noise. She met with us on several occasions to discuss our concerns and also came out to the neighborhood late at night on a weekend to experience for herself what we are dealing with on a regular basis.
She has brought this issue before the town board. She works hard for the people of Milton. 
Vote for Barbara Kerr on June 25.
Mary Kulp

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