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Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 21

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U.S. inflating war rationale with Iran

Another day, another nation that the United States wants to wage offensive war on. 
Despite what several of our leaders will tell you, Iran is not a threat to the United States. 
Every escalation of war has actually been prompted by the United States. The United States has countless military bases surrounding all sides of Iran. And if the United States is so worried about Iran being dangerous, why did President Trump last year pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, which limited Iran’s nuclear activity and which Iran was upholding?
It’s also kind of the fault of the United States that Iran is in its current situation at all.
In 1953, the CIA overthrew Iran’s democratically elected government in a coup backed by the United States and installed a monarchy rule in the nation, setting it on the course to where it is now.
The United States is also claiming that Iran attacked two oil tankers. There is no evidence to back this claim, and history has shown, whether it’s the Gulf of Tonkin or the Nayirah testimony or weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. government is not above planting false flags to start a war.
Be it in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya or wherever, the U.S.’s regime change wars have done little to no good and have caused much harm — debt from increased military spending and countless dead American soldiers and citizens of the nations mentioned above.
We must listen to the warnings from history and not allow this to happen again in Iran. 
Matt Oill

Immigrant license bill is to help Dems

The bill just signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and our state Legislature to give undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses has little to do with economics, to keep Americans safe from uninsured drivers, or because our governor wants to bring them out of the shadows. It’s for the glory of the Democratic Party.
Today’s undocumented immigrant is tomorrow’s Democratic voter. So why not give them the most common form of accepted ID? Has anyone wondered why we are not being told what this license will look like? How it will differ from licenses of legal American citizens? I realized why after watching CNN this morning. It reported: “The New York attorney general has assured Gov.  Cuomo that these licenses cannot be used by ICE to track undocumented Democrats.”
So I think we can assume that these licenses will look no different than those of legal residents. 
In the recent past, a Gazette columnist got it right when she said it’s not so much that we dislike Gov. Cuomo. We hate him. Wonder why?
Cory Costanzo

Anti-Israel letter full of inaccuracies

I am appalled at James Van Dijk’s letter of June 16. It is anti-Semitic as well as historically inaccurate. Fact-checking is needed. 
The desire for Israel is not a European colonial vision, rather a 2,000-year-old prayer. Jews have yearned to return to Israel for centuries; it is no “experiment.” 
It is mentioned in our worship and it is the concluding line of our Passover Seder, this predates European expansionism. The current state of Israel’s Jewish population is from various parts of the world; almost half come from Arab nations. 
The letter instills hatred rather fostering healthy resolution. Israel does not assassinate politicians or intentionally kill unarmed civilians.
In defense actions following attacks, Israel has killed leaders of terrorist organizations such as Hamas. The extent of civilian casualties largely is the result of Hamas’s use of human shields, launching rockets from homes, hospitals and schools. Where is acknowledgment of Palestinian attacks on Israelis?
The hateful charge that Jews are the first terrorists is anti-Semitic. Please know there were acts that preceded this, like the massacres of Jews in Hebron.
I know that I speak for many when I say that I will fight for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as stand up to the likes of this writer. He has every right to write letters, post them on a blog if he wants. But The Daily Gazette has a responsibility to print accurate information.
Matt Cutler

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